Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Divide and Conquer a Strategy for Ruling a Country

For those still playing the 2-party game, please wake up.

Every day, all day long, it’s Trump raging against the Democrats. While the Democrats rage against the Republicans, and the media reaps the rewards. The truth is a lot less reality show and lot more deception, device, divide, and keeping them angry while the polies play the game of government spending.

Those convinced that Trump is a man of the people have yet to realize the only people he cares about are named Trump, or those who can make Trump wealthier. He has played upon the emotions of a derelict crowd of misfits angry and willing to blame anyone for what they see as their dispirited lives.  Anger begets anger and the polies roll on spending as though tomorrow will never come.

The reality is that there are not 2 parties but 1 large party for which we—the taxpayers—foot the bill. For this week’s pleasure, we present Christopher Columbus—clearly a white oppressor—as the target of hate. And hate we must, because hate drives the machine that provides the money from which the government derives all power. 

Newsflash, Columbus was an Italian. Italians are not from the Caucus region of Russia, and therefore, not truly white. Defining all conquerors as white (a group far more diverse than the color can encompass) seems to be a thing now. Good ole Chris could no more be a white oppressor than Che Guevara could but if the story line carries, the Native American tribes can get their hate on. Now, if they can just figure out a way to make Columbus both white and Democrat, or white and Republican, a completely new group can put the hate on him, too.

Once upon a decade or four ago, we strove to find commonalities, reasons to exist as one-people. While Republicans blame the Democrats for the shift in ideology, both are very much to blame. The need to control and have power has led the politicians to deceive the public and ingratiate themselves with groups too diverse to become allies, much-less communities grown wealthier through common goals. Better to feed off the fat than get to the bone.

Some of us are very much awake and sickened by what the hunger for power has wrought. Embarrassed by the image of America and Americans, the world over, as Trump stumbles about attempting to present himself as some form of consummate world leader—and failing miserably, as he appears the clown in a side show.

Congratulations America, we have finally reached that pinnacle they warned about, and have made a fool our leader. Pick a party, any party, and what you have is just one more reason to sit out the vote. Until “we the people” stop looking to government to solve our problems and start solving them ourselves, we will continue to elect people whose goals are to deceive us long enough to reap the fat of the land.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Biggest Threat to this Nation is a Free Press

It’s not bad enough that there is incessant fighting and bickering among the leaders of this nation, but to scroll down a page and see where some idiot in their lamest moment typed:

The biggest threat to this nation isn’t Russia, China, or North Korea. It’s CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, etc.

In other words, a free press is more of a threat than communist countries that would love nothing more than to see the United States fall to ruin. 

A free press does not mean publications that only print what you want to read. It does not mean a press that is beholden to your ideology. It is a press free to print the news. Granted, our press has become biased to the Nationalist/Populist (the party of Trump) or Liberal slant of the day’s events. However, an intelligent and interested person can read selections from both sides of the news and decipher the facts. 

When Obama went after Fox News and talk radio, everyone screamed that the free press was necessary to keep the government in-check, and it was/is. Now that it’s Trump, there is a coordinated effort—once again from the president to the least of us—to shut down any opposing speech. 

If a free press is the biggest threat to this nation in your mind, then you have forgotten why this nation exists. The problem isn’t the press. The problem is the constant propaganda informing you that a free press is bad. It’s fake news if it isn’t Fox News, Breitbart, or one of the many networks or publications that praise Trump.

Goebbels would be proud of what has been accomplished and you can bet your next paycheck that the Soviets, Chinese, and North Koreans, are too. It’s sad to think that people are so angry and so enamored of a reality show host that they would sell out their children and grandchildren’s futures just to keep Trump happy. So enamored that they truly don’t want to know the truth. So enamored that they are content to sit idly by and watch this nation be destroyed.

Or is it that you’re so angry over the last administration that you are content to allow another run-away president and congress to use the Constitution like toilet paper?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Slippery Slope of Dictating Rights

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Police brutality is rare, and even more so if you choose to live within the law. The best way to stop police from having to shoot an individual is for parents to start raising their children and stop making excuses for bad behavior. This applies to all races. Whites are shot/killed one and a half times more often than blacks. To assume that is due to one race having a larger population than the other is foolish. You’re saying that all of the people in both races commit crimes. That is not the case. 

 For the point of protest, there have been those searching out NFL rules. Good, it shows that for a change you are attempting to back your arguments with facts. However, who should enforce those rules? The owner of the team, or John Q. Public? 

There are many people attempting to adjust the 1st amendment to their way of thinking. Not that we have seen this happen before, i.e. Biblical theology, Supreme Court social justice, etc. Simply put, the 1st amendment does not say a thing about football games or for that matter, where a protest (peaceful assembly) may take place. 

Then there are those who insist, “We pay their salaries so it is up to us.” Only to an extent is this true. You pay for tickets, cable, dish, or other forms, in order to watch the games, but owners pay their salaries and businesses (where the large salaries originate) pay to use commercial time.

If you choose to protest police officers, then do not ask for their help. If you choose to protest the flag, then you should not expect the military to come to your aid in times of war. Rights are a two-way street. That also applies the other way around. If you feel you have the power to choose what a person can and cannot do, then you have given them equally footing.

In this nation, you are not supposed to be forced to do anything. The government does not have the right to stop you from speaking. They do not have the right to stop you from peacefully protesting—although they did set into works a bill meant to do just that. They cannot make you stand for the flag or attend a football game. They also cannot force you to make a purchase—i.e. Healthcare insurance. Some of these issues are coming to a head because our government has forgotten that our rights are God-given and not government-granted. The best way to rectify those things is to vote out the men and women, who no longer represent us according to the Constitution that governs us all.

Those attempting to convince you that the 1st amendment does not allow football players to protest, will soon decide that other things are not allowed and once you start down that road, you’ve lost the Republic. The reason for so many opinions on what the 1st amendment says, is because the left has worked diligently to remove our rights for a number of years. Sadly, the right has joined them in their pursuit to control the people. We are the government. Those in D.C. are our representatives. Their job is to speak in our interest and that is not now and has not been occurring for many years.

Donald Trump is not the answer. He took an issue that was dying and gave it CPR. Why would he do that? He’s reveling in the anger that he has generated even when there are far-more important issues in need of his attention. He is meddling in the private sector. There are rules governing what a president can and cannot do. He has over-stepped that boundary. His problems are mounting and he is casting shadows, throwing out baubles to keep our attention on matters best left to the NFL to sort out.

For some of us, there is no question but that we will stand and cover our hearts when the flag is raised and the anthem played. If we wish to continue to do so, we need to stop attempting to take away the rights of others. 

Obama’s meddling in a situation involving the police and a black man (the White House Beer Summit), started the rage against our police forces. Now, Trump chooses to use kneeling to win points, avoid facing his own problems, and stir up more division. Enough already, we are either the United States of America, or we’re a remnant society determined to doom ourselves to the scrap heap of history. We cannot have things, both ways. It is one or the other, but not both.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Sorry Folks

If you blamed Obama for the actions of BLM and Antifa but you don’t blame Trump for the actions of Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and White Supremacists wearing and bearing his standard, then your hatred and anger are disingenuous. They committed the acts while declaring Trump as their president and promising to fulfill his promise to “Take the Country Back.” They made it clear that they believe he meant “to take it” from anyone but the whites—as if the country belongs to a certain group of people?

It was bad enough when you began cheering on his use of EOs to rule by decree, but had slammed Obama for doing the same thing. Now, every bad thing he does, everything he causes, you turn your heads—or as you once said about Obamabots, stick them up your backside and continue to sing his praises.

The only things that Trump has done have been things that are good for him and his screed. He loves tearing down regulations that keep him from having to account for his business practices. He ignores ethical issues, which allow him to use the oval office for profit. He is not interested—as he exhibited this past weekend—in quelling differences. Far from it. He is most interested in things that keep the media busy reporting on anything but his bad affairs. 

You put a conman in office and then attempted to raise his moral character. It’s not working and all the pretzel twisting you’re doing while defending him, only serves to make you look ridiculous. This past weekend made it impossible for anyone to argue that the statues placed in towns and cities across the country, should remain. That is gone. You can thank the heated rhetoric of Trump’s campaign and the ignorant rants of those across the aisle.

History will now be torn down. You had a choice of holding Trump accountable and by not doing so during the primary, or since, you have allowed his ignorance and childish behavior to spawn the ideology of “White Supremacy” in the weak minds of some of his voters. You can now sit and watch as history is destroyed, because you could not resist the spiel of a conman…a  man whose character was always less than stellar and at age 70 is not going to change. 

Enjoy the ride, because if this weekend was any indication, not only did you not save the Republic but you’ve also made it impossible to ever put a real outsider or Conservative in the office of president.

People should wake up and realize that no man will be voted into office to save this country. It has to start with us, not politicians. The government is and has been corrupt for decades. Electing a man who benefitted from that corruption and expecting him to change things, was your first mistake. Now, it’s worse than it was and will continue to worsen until people realize that it is US against THEM. They are not up there to save us. Figure it out—there is no division in the government between the GOP and the DNC. The division is out here in the real world.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Who’s Blood?

During the primaries, Trump suggested that he was open to using nuclear weapons to deal with our enemies. At that time, he was a tad clearer as to the “who” our enemies were, but he also felt that nukes were appropriate to use in England or France. The part he left out pertained to stocks he owns. For his supporters—more cult like than even Obamabots—it’s about blood. They’re ravenous to use the full-force of our military against Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea, and any other third world country that Trump doesn’t like or cannot squeeze out a dime. 

Our military has been used as a line of defense for our nation and for nations around the world that either posed a serious threat or abused their citizenry. North Korea’s saber rattling has gone on uninterrupted and pretty much as a steady stream for several years. Either enemies will strike or they will annoy you. North Korea is an annoyance. There is a steady system of abuse against her citizenry by Kim Jung Un, but the same could be said for China’s treatment of her people.

Is it appropriate to throw gasoline on the North Korean fire? The best course of action would be to make Kim Jung Un’s worse nightmare come true, and take him out. However, there seems to be a consensus among the loyal Trumper’s that we need blood, big blood. Everything has to be big and yuge and dynamic—like Cinderella’s dress or the Flying Walenda’s. Toss in a few big words—bogarted from Harry Truman—a bit of flashy circus act, and we have a recipe for defeating Little Kim, right? NO!

What we have are two stark raving lunatics playing games with big boy weapons and those determined to fall in-line behind Trump and his boast and threats, don’t seem to realize how quickly this mess could turn into WWIII. With nuclear warheads, we get hit. We will no longer be the nation rescuing smaller countries. We will be the largest target on the planet and likely the one that no other country will stand by.

Cut-off the head of the snake if you must, but leave the nukes neatly stored. No one will ever win a nuclear war. While Trump wants to use up what we have so he can make more money, he is risking all our lives—every one of us, right down to those over-taxed great-grandchildren. You want blood? Well that’s whose blood you’re risking.