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Monday, December 15, 2014

Obama’s Act of Treachery with a Complicit Congress

The stealing started under LBJ and has continued, unabated, for decades.  Social Security, a program paid into by tax payers, has been used as a slush fund for welfare entitlement programs. Welfare programs were never meant to be a life-time means of finance, and yet we’re into generational welfare families. Now, with Obama’s newly and illegally gained voters—formerly known as illegal aliens—there is a new push on to give the elderly illegals social security. Whether or not they worked while in this country illegally, is not relevant, they are not entitled to the program as they have not paid into it.

Many welfare recipients will tell you that they pay taxes. What they’re talking about are taxes paid on purchases made, however, they have never paid taxes as the money they used came from the government and those dollars were taken from the taxpayer. Therefore, not only do those who work pay taxes to the federal government, they pay sales tax and pay for the purchases-plus sales tax for those who have never earned a dime. It’s a bit of a double-indemnity clause.

Welfare, food stamps, the WIC program, and all programs outside Medicare ($27-trillion in unfunded liability) and Social Security ($23-trillion in unfunded liability) are gift programs. While the government takes credit for the gifts, they have never funded any of it with their own money. The government does nothing that creates financial flow. They spend money that is gained from those who work and pay federal taxes. This also includes the paychecks that congressional senators and representatives receive, as well as the president, the vice president, and the Supreme Court justices. That money comes from federal taxes and not state taxes. Taken in total, this means that those of us who did not vote for criminally complicit congressional personnel such as Nancy Pelosi, John Beohner, Harrry Reid, Maxine Waters, Charles Rangel, Mitch McConnell, etc. are paying their salaries.

Sixty-five percent of American citizens (Republicans, Democrats, and Independents) did not want amnesty for the illegal invaders who have cross our borders and suck the life out of our nation. Those illegals did not have the guts to stand and fight in their own home and have now brought their diseases, their problems, and their lack of education to our doorstep demanding we take care of them. Instead of our government doing what should have been done—enforcing the immigration laws on the books—they have opened our wallets and given money we do not have to people whose problems are a direct result of the policies of Mexico.

It is theft. The government is taking our money and giving it to people who not only did not earn it but are in our country illegally. That (since it has been an invasion) is giving aid and comfort to the enemy and theft by government. The head crook, in all this, is a man who is only in office at this time because our congress has failed to impeach him for numerous and treacherous offenses.

As a result of votes cast by both the house and the senate, our constitution has been ruled no longer relevant. Obama did not have the authority and has never had the authority to make law and instead of enforcing our laws, congress decided to go against the will of the people. By doing so, they have labeled themselves corrupt. According to our Declaration of Independence, it is the duty of every citizen to remove a corrupt government, by force if necessary. It’s apparent that voting will not change the direction this country has taken and it’s probable that our government has enlisted the aid of UN troops to stifle a revolution, but there is little choice left.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Were You Alive September 11th of 2001

If you are one of the millions of Americans who lived through September 11th, 2001, and saw the carnage, then nothing that this White House releases will convince you that the terrorists did not get their due whether through torture or imprisonment. The men who took down the Twin Towers and hijacked 4 commercial airliners didn’t give their victims a chance to survive. Who cares what the CIA did to them. These are the same terrorists that Obama armed in Libya. These are the same terrorists who have burned and maimed Christians the world-over, and our government would have you believe that torture of these animals was cruel?

For 7 years this nation was safe. Safe from terrorist’s attacks and safe from those who would threaten her, and it is all due to our government under George W. Bush taking the lead to hunt down and punish those who would commit such foul acts. Now, under Obama even the smallest groups in the worst third world countries threaten our existence. Appeasing and kowtow-ing to Muslims around the world has caused the British people to be displaced in their own country, and Paris to be a Haven for the Muslim sect. In Michigan, the Muslims practice Sharia Law and refuse to obey the laws of the United States. That is what comes of entertaining ideology that in order to get along, we must give in.

Last week, Obama released 6 more prisoners from Guantanamo and this week he published the CIA documents. He published the documents against the advice of the Pentagon who warned that it would get more Americans killed. Does anyone with half a brain not realize what Obama is doing? Does he have to write it in plain English for you to see that as he said, “Should the winds change, I will stand with Islam”? Do you need a more graphic example of what Obama and the Democrats are about, in order for you to understand that they have intentionally undermined the safety of the American people?

Stop eating at the government trough and wake up. You’re on the menu!