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About Me

I'm a true believer that men are much harder to understand than women, but as a woman, I know what other women are thinking, most of the time. I've had three husbands, the high school sweetheart--wouldn't recommend it--my second husband spent 27-years with me and died of lung cancer in 2006, and the love of my life (bear in mind, I'm down to desertion) is my third husband, Gary. We have 5 children, between us, 2-boys (men), and 3-girls (women), and 10-grandchildren.

We live a quiet life, in the country, near a major city. We don't own cows--scared to death of them--and no horses, just 1-old, very crotchity cat. We're crazy about him, as he would have us be, and he does allow us to live with him.

We're movies buffs and hate that politics seems to have become the forte for those that seem to think fame and brilliance must be bed partners. We're outside in the spring and summer, working around the house, and keeping the property clean. There's a creek with wild boars and other wild animals that runs near our house, so we do have a little excitement when they wander into our yard, or the neighbor takes a shot at them.

My husband is a lab technician, and I'm a freelance writer. He's politically angry, while I'm politically active...and I suspect, we're pretty much the average middle-age couple.