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Monday, June 30, 2014

commonsenseinaradicalage: Our Government is Broken

commonsenseinaradicalage: Our Government is Broken: Our government is broken, but not for the reasons so many seem to think. It’s not because they won’t or can’t work together, it’s becau...

Our Government is Broken

Our government is broken, but not for the reasons so many seem to think. It’s not because they won’t or can’t work together, it’s because they won’t (there is no can’t) work for the people. Too many people are tired of hearing this one or that one say that the Democrats and the Republicans won’t work together. Quite to the contrary, they’re working together and they’re working against the people who pay their overly-high salaries. In fact, when it comes to their pay that is one point they never have any disagreement about and it’s because they can give themselves a raise whenever they want, and whether or not it’s merited.

Immigration reform is not in the best interest of the American people. We have millions out of work and the last thing we need are millions more who will come here and soak up what is left of the middle-class man’s paycheck. No, the wealthy don’t pay any more than the middle-class for welfare…it doesn’t work that way. And that is the second way, in which, this government works together and against the taxpayer. They want to legalize more cheap, unskilled labor. They want a socialist society, because contrary to the liberal professors there are only the elites—the government who no longer have an obligation to the people—and the poor. The middle-class will become the working poor, working to supply the elites with their lush lifestyles and working to pay for those who never had any intention of working, in the first place.

Sure, we’ve all heard how socialism works. Everybody gets an equal piece of the pie, right? Wrong! Stupidity is the only excuse for believing that would ever happen and stupidity will continue to plague this country as long as those lying on their backsides continue to expect something for nothing while the other guy—paying for their something—is working his butt off. Unless the lying-backsides inherit the working man’s work ethic, they’re still not equal.

The wealthy in this country are not the problem. They’re too busy working to make money to care or bother about the guy whose only existence depends upon handouts. Sadly, the wealthy care a great deal more than the government that is working to take everything not nailed down while promising to make the poor more comfortable. How is it that after 5-decades the poor are still not satisfied with what they’re getting when politicians have taken more and more from taxpayers? How is that? Or are the poor too stupid to know that the taxes that have increased have only netted them minor improvements in their lifestyle. You’re still poor. You still want more, and you’re still voting for the same politicians who have never given you anything but promises.

Yea, this government is working together. Both Republicans and Democrats, or Democrats and Republicans—whichever—are working together to take more and more from the taxpayer and line their own pockets. Never doubt it.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

commonsenseinaradicalage: Emails are Held on a Server Not a Computer

commonsenseinaradicalage: Emails are Held on a Server Not a Computer: A few years back, my computer blew its brains out. Yes, the CPU bit the dust and I had to replace it with a new computer. My son-in-law...

Emails are Held on a Server Not a Computer

A few years back, my computer blew its brains out. Yes, the CPU bit the dust and I had to replace it with a new computer. My son-in-law, not a computer tech, has been able to pull information off that hard drive. In fact, most of the time when a computer crashes, it’s not dead—mine was because it was the CPU.

Here’s the big problem with Lois Lerner’s excuse about the emails. Emails are not held on the computer, they’re held on a server. When I got my new computer, everything was there in my email. Though the computers, in question, are government computers—and I would guess have a fail-safe due to importance—the server holds the emails. In order for those emails to have been lost—which is a physical impossibility—the server would have had to have a catastrophic event. 

The whole story is as bogus as Oboguss, himself. Lerner nor the others have lost their emails, and the whole story is a bad cover up. The techs know it, those lying know it, and the public knows it. Time to fess up Lois.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

commonsenseinaradicalage: How Was the Benghazi Suspect Found

commonsenseinaradicalage: How Was the Benghazi Suspect Found: Believe it or not, they actually have an article about how they found the Benghazi suspect despite the fact that the only people who couldn&...

How Was the Benghazi Suspect Found

Believe it or not, they actually have an article about how they found the Benghazi suspect despite the fact that the only people who couldn't find him were those in the Obama administration.

The guy has been giving interviews to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, or should we say Maliki, Saddamn, and Rajawana, etc. who asked. Our government cannot find emails sent between the IRS and the White House, or anyone else that chose to involve themselves in conspiring to intimidate or refuse tax exempt status to the Tea Party groups. So not being able to find a suspect who was in front of cameras for four years is not all that hard to imagine.

We may have the only government, in the world that can lose tanks, airplanes, WMDs, billions in taxpayer dollars, emails, and lose track of guns they sold illegally while attempting to create a situation that would cause gun dealers to be put in a bad if not illegal light. This is the government of Fast and Furious, NSA spying, and it wasn't my fault, and we don't know why they cannot find those guilty of killing Ambassador Stevens and three others in Benghazi?

Can't wait until Hillary runs and they make the movie about her actually being the hero in all this mess. You know, like the one they made before the 2012 elections about how Obama got in a helicopter--oh wait, he would have taken Air Force One, right? Well, anyway, we all know that Obama conducted the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, personally. Yea, sure he did. He flew to Pakistan in the middle of the night, snuck up on Osama and then shot him between the eyes, or at least that is the way it sounds when he tells it.

If this government could find its butt with both hands, most intelligent Americans would be surprised. So let's seriously not question, or guess, or even expound on the hard copy straight from the White House as to how they found the Benghazi suspect when the dude wasn't hiding.

Friday, June 20, 2014

commonsenseinaradicalage: It’s All About What is Heard and Not Reality

commonsenseinaradicalage: It’s All About What is Heard and Not Reality: The media knows that the charges against Scott Walker were unfounded, but they printed headlines yesterday to indicate that he was cau...

It’s All About What is Heard and Not Reality

The media knows that the charges against Scott Walker were unfounded, but they printed headlines yesterday to indicate that he was caught up in a major political scandal, anyway. The facts are that there were illegal doings during the recall and the Liberals were the guilty parties. Many of the Democrats headed out of state to hold up the voting process. It’s a clear violation, but the media was hard-pressed to report and then they sided with the absentee congresspersons. 

There are many in the media who are complicit in the propaganda being served up under the guise of local and national news, and their actions are heinous to the point of becoming treasonous. Just as Hitler’s propaganda machine helped to take Germany down into the depths of Hell, so too does our media lie and produce stories that are half-truths and outright lies, and they do so willingly, in most cases.

Some, as we know, have been threatened. Others have had their emails and phones placed under surveillance, illegally. Yes, illegally. The Patriot Act does not allow for indiscriminant surveillance and has been used multiple—in fact, against millions of innocent Americans—times for suppression and intentional scare tactics to silence opposition or speech protected under the first amendment. This administration is far-guiltier than the Nixon administration and yet, nothing is done about it to protect this nation’s citizens.

Scott Walker is just another man whose name appears on the Hit List Obama holds close to his chest. These people have done nothing other than to act in honest concert to give the American people the rights that the Constitution set forth. They are Enemies of the State in Obama and Democrat’s eyes and must be punished for not falling into lock-step with the Fascist government they have planned.

There was some scuttle-butt this week indicating that Obama was tired of being president. Well, it would suit most of us just fine if he quit, but that’s not really what is meant. He is tired of carrying the title of President of the United States when dictator would be more to his liking. Hillary and Bill have gone on the defensive, because they fear he might actually grasp the golden ring before they have their chance to take it. This country is under siege from Mexico, terrorist groups across the Middle-East who have infiltrators already in position in most of our states, however, the worst threat to our nation exist in the person of Barack Hussein Obama. He is our worst enemy and he possesses the ability to take us into the Hell that Germany once faced under Hitler.

The media’s job is to report the news. Our media, under the guidance of the Democrats, has become a massive propaganda machine. They know Scott Walker isn’t guilty, but they also know that once the question is out there, he will have to defend himself. It’s not about truth or reality, it’s about what they can make Americans hear and believe. And they will do whatever it takes to aid Obama and his comrades in their agenda.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Impeach, Imprison, or Both

The fact that Obama remains in office despite Fast and Furious, the NSA spying, siding with another nation against a state of the United States (Arizona), Benghazi, and going into Libya without congressional approval, just to name a few, is that the mainstream media has either failed to report the news, or has acted in concert with the White House to deceive the American people. Whew, Hemingway would be proud.

Impeaching Obama is the pipe dream while the reality is that this administration has committed more crimes against this nation than any enemy we have ever faced. Limbaugh has said they will not impeach the first Black *POtuS. Others, including myself believe that as well, but also wonder if there isn’t a consensus of those who realize that that would put the power of the presidency and the welfare of the country into Joe Biden’s hands. There’s a scary thought, however, given Biden’s gift for hoof and mouth disease, he would get himself impeach within a matter of days.

There’s another fact over-looked by the media, as well. Many of my black conservative friends have noted that Obama is not black, or at least no-more black than most white people. His heritage is one-half white, one-sixth black (African-American), and the rest Iranian. None of which will ever come to light because the mainstream media also covers up his heritage. 

His latest acts are not only contrary to the law of this country, but also emboldened the Islamic terrorist in Iraq to believe attacking the United States will net them a much larger share of the power. If there is anything Obama can do to help, rest assured that he will. Those who believe that he shares any of love of this country are fools. 

As of a reading, just this past week, there are those who accuse George W. Bush of causing the Islamic terrorist to enter Iraq. Not so. That is a deceitful lie and they know it. Saddam Hussein played a large role in the coming of age of terrorism and the spawning of Al Qaeda. There are also those, powerful men, who believe that we should just let Iraq fall. Not to worry, Obama has already done so and will continue to take down any legitimate government in the Middle-East. It’s his destiny as a son of Islam. 

Enough already with this crap about Obama not being a Muslim. He is and has been and has stated that should the winds of change come, he will stand with his Muslim Brothers. Don’t be a patsy for the Islamic lying machine. They’re here, they’re emboldened, and they’re a grave threat to the security of this nation, as they own the White House. 

Yes, he should be impeached, tried for crimes of treason against this nation, and imprisoned, but it’s doubtful that there are enough men of conscience left in D. C. to do the job.

*Remove the two lower-case letters and you will get Obama’s true occupation.