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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump, the Saud’s, and the Losers

During WWII, while attempting to convince our government that they had our best interest at heart, the Saud’s were helping Hitler wipe out Jews. Researching the name Ibn Saud will tell you exactly where modern day terrorism arose.

This past week, Trump re-armed the Saud’s and by doing so, re-armed terrorists. Although he spouted numerous derogatory remarks toward the Saud’s during the primaries and the general, he never meant any of it. He has been bailed out of debt, more than once, by Saudi’s. As he, himself, brags, he rents to Saud’s here in the states. Translations, Americans come second because Trump’s business interest comes first.

Today, he referred to the terrorist who struck the arena last night, as Loser. He minimized what the terrorist had done by using the same term he used for his competitors during the primary. No, the terrorists do not like to be called Monsters. He intentionally mislabeled them so that he did not offend his good buddies the Saudi’s.

Trump felt it necessary to drag his daughter, son-in-law, and wife on his first foreign relations trip. Wow, what is Ivanka going to do, dress them? If Ivanka were half as smart as she believes herself to be, she would know that she is woefully underqualified for the position her father gifted her. But never let the truth stand in the way of something a Trump wants.

The old argument that Hillary would have been worse is now, null and void. Obamacare is going nowhere. Trump won’t do away with it, because the Kushner family owns Oscar and Oscar would go belly up without Obamacare. The border wall won’t be built during Trump’s term. Social Security is to receive cuts in the new budget. The new budget is to be $1.4 trillion. Congratulations to all the angry people who voted for Trump. You all gave us Hillary Lite. Of course, had you done your research instead of firing lasers out of your eyes, you would have known all this.

The brainwashing that has led to the Two Party System will be the death of this country. There were other viable candidates. Unless and until we realize that voting for one of the two parties in power, is the reason we never see change, we are doomed to be ruled by the Two Parties.

Yea, yea, we all know that getting scammed is embarrassing, but if people don’t wake up to what they’ve done, it’s going to be deadly.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pearls before Swine in a Race Filled with Pigs

So many pigs, so little time until election day.

People continue to complain about the Clinton’s getting away with murder—literally and figuratively—and yet see no problem with a guy who is talking about kissing women…”I don’t wait. I just kiss them.” Trump says he is all talk and no action, whereas, Bill is all action and apparently due to golf course “locker room…boys will boys” talk, Clinton talks too. As a rule, people compare apples to oranges and lose the contest. If you compare Bill Clinton to Donald Trump, you’re comparing two rotten figs. Why figs, because they are one of the most detested fruits on the planet.

Donald Trump lied when he said he was all talk. He has paid to settle a case of harassment and still faces a court date for raping a 13 year old girl, who was too scared to talk. If you’ve read her deposition and then heard the recording, you realize the poop-storm it  has caused for Trump’s defense team once the case goes to court. It’s a wealthy man threatening a young girl and her family, all the while explaining that rich men can do as they please.

Another major miscalculation that Trump made was in bringing out the Clinton victims. Hillary knows how to play the wounded wife better than anyone, and to some degree she has a right. Melania looked non-too-happy at the debates on Monday night. Now she realizes that Donald has been unfaithful to her too. Her statement about her husband’s words and that that wasn’t the man she knew—no matter how ludicrous that sounds—was almost identical to Hillary Clinton’s 1998 statement about her philandering husband.

Most women will fight like a wildcat to defend their husbands. It is for that reason that many states will not allow spouses to give testimony against one another. To put not too-fine a point on it, Bill and Donald could fill a large auditorium with the women they have sexually harassed in their lifetimes. Do their spouses know it? Yes. It’s not true that women don’t know where or what their husbands have been up to, and they’re rarely the last to know—although that is the most overused and totally untrue statement made about infidelity.

Trump having trotted out the Clinton victims for the debate, has fallen in the polls. Millennials tend to take a different view of what happened and they see a misogynists making Hillary’s life miserable. He was, because he was angry about getting caught with his pants down, and it would be an easy guess that the tape didn’t make things too pleasant in the Trump household.

While Hillary may or may not care what Bill does, it’s important to most women that the man they love make them feel beautiful. When a woman finds out what a wandering creep she’s married to, it tends to lower her self-esteem. Hillary is tough, no doubt about it. She is tough, hard, cold, and greedy. She had no problem lying to the parents of the Benghazi 4 to save her own hide. Some marriages are made in Heaven and some are made in political bedrooms with both spouses hungry for power. The Clinton’s was the latter.

The Trump marriage is one of those optional things dependent upon whether Donald gets bored with Melania and finds the next young thing that will have him for his money.

It’s also been embarrassing watching men degrade themselves in favor of propping up Trump. “All men talk like that when women aren’t around” they’re saying. All boys talk like that, while men have better sense and have grown to respect women. That’s just a fact of life. If you’re a man still talking like that, it’s time to grow up.

People are convincing themselves that Trump is a man of his word, when nothing could be further from the truth. Anything that doesn’t serve Trump’s purpose is of no use to him. Just as the women he paraded out and used to cover for his own vile behavior. Bill and Hillary Clinton are self-serving. A little known fact, according to National Geographic, is that the Clinton’s put the White House staff behind by ignoring the clear-out call to leave the nation’s home to its new residents, the Bush family. It’s possible that if they get back in the White House, they never plan to leave…and that’s given that Obama will leave when his time is up???

There are 4 other candidates to choose from, this election cycle. If you’re like many of us, instead of casting your pearls before swine choose one of them. However, it’s not easy to find one that is not just as offensive as Clinton and Trump.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

commonsenseinaradicalage: Hypocrisy

commonsenseinaradicalage: Hypocrisy: When the 3—count them 3 stories came out about Bill Clinton’s 3 hour phone call with Trump 12 days before the Donald threw his hat in t...


When the 3—count them 3 stories came out about Bill Clinton’s 3 hour phone call with Trump 12 days before the Donald threw his hat in the ring to become a GOP nominee, it should have been evident that things weren’t kosher. It slipped under the radar of those who only heard “I’m going to build the biggest and best wall on the southern border, and Mexico is going to pay for it.”

Those who did read it or heard about it had two different reactions:

1: Well, it’s just business,
2: Or, he’s known the Clinton’s for a long time.

It should have been a clue. Those who lived through the 1992 elections already had a heads-up and still some ignored the obvious. Until Trump came along with all his promises, there was no chance for Hillary Clinton to win this election. Any of the other candidates, with a couple of exceptions, would have beaten Hillary.

"But, but their first debate was rigged." If you want to go there, then let’s go there. The Republican primary debates were rigged to eliminate the other candidates. Why? Because Fox News had a deep and abiding love affair with the Clinton’s way back when.

The Clinton’s run a political machine. They always have and always will. Trump is part of that machine. He and the Clinton’s have run in the same herd for 30 years. Why didn’t Donald attack Hillary with her scandals in the first debate? If you’re going with “Well there’s two more debates. He’s just getting warmed up”, remember that early voting has already started and the number of undecideds could decide this election year. The point spread between Clinton and Trump isn’t that great.

Trump cannot afford to push Clinton in a face to face debate, because she can give as good as she gets, and he knows it. After all, they’ve been close friends and associates for 30 years. Their daughters, Ivanka and Chelsea, are very good friends. So much so, that there have been a few articles written about the distress caused the girls because of this election. Tigers don’t change their stripes and neither do liberals.

Well, Hillary’s a murderer, you say. Yea and any man who has been hobnobbing with the NY mob for most of his adult life has left a few bodies in his wake, as well. In fact, there is an article about “The Whale that Almost Sank Trump.” It isn’t in reference to an actual whale, but to a gambler. After he and Trump had their falling out, the whale was murdered 4 months later. Granted, the murder was linked to Russian mobsters. The same mobsters that Trump has recently been linked to.

Oh, but that’s business, right? New Yorker’s swear you cannot get anything done unless you pay off politicians. Is it possible that they know that and think it’s not a big deal?

Recently, it has become apparent that hypocrisy is required in-order to support Trump. Trump stands and admits that he pays no taxes, and “Oh isn’t he brilliant”? The same people who have no trouble with Trump’s tax dodging have had a fit over Al Sharpton’s exploits into tax evasion.

Miss Universe posed nude. Okay, and? So has Melania Trump. Top that off with the hateful and horrid names we have all called Obama’s mother for having done the same. Yet, somehow it’s alright for Melania and now, with her photos having been all over the internet for over a year, she’s suing over the same photos being released nationally.

Another recent development are the pay to pray preachers singing the praises of a man who will not repent. They’re just certain he will praise God. He’s 70 years old and has lived by his code or lack of ethics his whole life; do you really think he will change once he has the power of the presidency behind him? Yea, yea, we all know that Clinton claims the Bible has been her guide. Well, are you voting for Hillary? I’m not, but more important, I’m not condoning or making excuses for what she does, either.

Then there’s Hillary’s gaining freedom for the rapist in the 1975 trial. Yes, she did horrid things to that little girl. Sadly, she also did her job. Like it or not, even the guilty are required to have the best defense possible, under the law. Rather like Trump and his philandering and friendship with Epstein, who is a convicted child molester and is named as co-defendant by the woman alleging that Donald raped her when she was 13.

Today, there were comments about Miss Universe’ history, and how she drove the getaway car in-which a murder was committed. So, we can dredge up her history, Hillary’s history, Al Sharpton’s present and past tax evasion, Obamas mother’s nude photos, but Trump is given a pass?

People are tearing each other apart over 2 beings that are barely human and are definitely not fit to be the leader of the free world. Hypocrisy is deep, and the country is more divided than when the elections started—although not all of it has to do with candidacy.

Many of us have simply given up debating what should be common sense and have placed our faith in God. His plan will be served. From what has come of the last year, it doesn’t look as though this is an election. It seems to be more of a judgment against this nation.

Vote for who you will, but quit prodding others to jump in your apple cart or join the train. People have to, as Ted Cruz said, “Vote their conscience.” He has allowed GOP bullying to push him into a bitter spot, but that does not mean that everyone else has to join him. Thank the good lord, there are still a few who have not thrown all dignity out and joined in the melee that is Election 2016.

As for me, I have faith in God. I’m at the “Just Get it Over With” point. The Electoral College, as Bill, Hillary, and the Donald all know, will decide this election. Many of us can go back to wishing away 4 more years of our lives.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Clinton Survived 11 Hours of Interrogations: Four men died in Benghazi

The media is rife with reports of Clinton’s victory against scurrilous Republicans who sought to stop her campaign for the Democratic presidential candidacy. They have openly bragged that she “Beat them!” Glory hallelujah, she is a winner.

Many in the private sector know that once again, Clinton got away with a crime. The media can pat her on the back, but four men died in Benghazi and no explanation has been given to their families. Her comrades asked no questions of Hillary because the Democrats on the Benghazi investigative committee were not investigating anything. The Democrats utilized their time drumming up funds for Clinton’s campaign. Instead of doing their duty, they used taxpayer funds to run a Democrat Campaign Event.

There were new discoveries made. The Democrats, as usual, knew that their constituency would not watch the proceedings. The Democrats count on their constituents to pass along the Matrix Words of the Day. One such discovery were the 600 emails to Clinton for more security, she claimed she did not receive even one. However, her emails and conversations with Blumenthal were prolific. He was conducting, or attempting to conduct business in Libya, which naturally was more important to the Secretary of State than some ole emails about securing an embassy—although it was a temporary consulate and not an embassy. In fact, Clinton took great fun at many of the questions during the proceedings as she felt it was not her job to secure anything. These are just a few facts.

Now, with all that has been said, the Matrix has returned to the George W. Bush did this and that with mentions of embassy bombings. The liberals, in their innocent state of stupidity, fail to realize that there was no request for immediate security or troop support involved in those bombings. They have even used 9/11 as an example, stating that George W. Bush knew attacks were imminent and took no precautions. True, everyone knew attacks were imminent but no one knew where or how. It is not like there are 50 states and several large cities where they might choose to attack the United States…oh wait, but there are and that might change what happened. Nevertheless, it matters little in the mind of a liberal. Those are just inconvenient truths.

Hillary told the victim’s family that the attacks were the result of an internet video and that they should not blame the Libyans because they were such put-upon people. She lied to their faces, and although Chelsea Clinton had no clearance, Hillary emailed her while the men were still under siege to tell her that the attacks were, “Al Qaeda linked”. Those are the same Al Qaeda fighters that she and Barack Obama armed in Libya. There is no supposition that the government had no warning. Still, while under oath, she laughed when asked what she did after leaving her office that evening.

What was never asked or answered was who ordered the stand down and why were Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glenn Doherty left to die? No one asked, not even the Republicans who had sworn to find out the truth.

A little side note to all this, is that the hearings have been ongoing for 18 months and had Hillary not stalled, not lied (especially about emails in her possession), and not feigned illness, the hearings  would have been done by now. Yes, McCarthy—Boehner’s right hand man—made a statement to the effect that it was all to stop Hillary’s campaign, but he and his side-kick had every reason to jab at the voters. Beohner was unhappy, because the people got tired of his playing Pony-Boy to Barrack Obama. Vendettas never take 18 months to come to fruition and only morons who vote for free stuff would believe that was the case. Now, the families of the four fallen men will never get their answers and Clinton will have gotten away with another criminal act.

Friday, October 9, 2015

An Angry Nation

There is anger in this nation. Anger against a man who declares, “That’s not who we are…" when he hasn’t the slightest clue who Americas are and what we are capable of doing to survive. A man who declares, “We are not a Christian nation.” When, in fact, we are 65% Christian. Obama does not know who we are, because his formal education was influenced by Islam, during his youth in Indonesia.

He has spoken of visiting 57 states during his tenure as president. There are not 57 states in the United States. He told an outrageous tale about the beginnings of the Statue of Liberty, and he did so because he does not know our history. More recently, he has determined that we are a racist nation that treats minorities and immigrants poorly. His intentions are the only transparent portion of his administration. He has carried through with his campaign promise to fundamentally change America while dividing families and races.

He has gone around Congress and the Supreme Court in many of his efforts to accomplish the change he feels must come to the white men--and or Conservatives--he sees as angry, gun-toting, Bible thumping, enemies of his nation. Make no mistake; the United States we live in today is Obama’s nation. It is not the nation that our fathers and brothers died to build, but a nation of whining leeches (Liberals) looking for a hand-out from those who produce.

Men of all races stood together as the greatest fighting force the world has ever known, and they freed nations so that they could live without oppressive governments. For their efforts, Obama has badly maligned them as an oppressive force bent on pushing their ideology on other nations. Perhaps someday, when Obama is no longer sitting high upon his throne, he will make a phone call to England or France and ask them if the U S was oppressive while helping them to liberate their nations from Hitler. He might stop and think for a moment what the world would look like had Hitler not been stopped. Nevertheless, that is a fantasy, because as Hitler was an evil man, so too is Obama.

Obama craves complete control. He sees himself as the savior of those too addle to know what is good for them. It is necessary, in his mind, to make decisions based on his analysis that will rule other men’s lives. Woe be it to any man, woman, or child who questions Barack Hussein Obama’s judgment, for he is the savior of the poor, the oppressed, and those who are just plain unfit to make sane judgments. In his demented mind, he is the best thing to have ever happened to this nation and he will prove it by any means necessary. Hitler 2.0 has arrived and he will save us all from ourselves. He will take our weapons of defense because surely we don’t need them. All hail the dictator of the United States.

Our Congress, the media, and some of the Supreme Court justices have been willing participants in what can only be described as treason against the people of the United States. If our military had not been depleted of men capable of leading a nation, they surely would have arrested those responsible for openly committing treason. Now, we have leaders who have sworn an oath to Obama to fire upon citizens of this nation, or as Hillary has recently labeled those who believe the Constitution is the law of this land, extremist.  

Our forefathers were extremist when they took up arms to throw off an unusually cruel king. Now, those of us who believe in the principles and values of this nation and defend the Constitution that allots for our God-given rights are extremist. When history records this period of unrest and anger, it will review what was done and how it was accomplished. It is doubtful that Obama’s carefully constructed legacy will stand the test of time.

God help this angry nation survive, because we are still a Christian nation despite the vulgar men who have failed to serve their oath.