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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Who’s Blood?

During the primaries, Trump suggested that he was open to using nuclear weapons to deal with our enemies. At that time, he was a tad clearer as to the “who” our enemies were, but he also felt that nukes were appropriate to use in England or France. The part he left out pertained to stocks he owns. For his supporters—more cult like than even Obamabots—it’s about blood. They’re ravenous to use the full-force of our military against Syria, Afghanistan, North Korea, and any other third world country that Trump doesn’t like or cannot squeeze out a dime. 

Our military has been used as a line of defense for our nation and for nations around the world that either posed a serious threat or abused their citizenry. North Korea’s saber rattling has gone on uninterrupted and pretty much as a steady stream for several years. Either enemies will strike or they will annoy you. North Korea is an annoyance. There is a steady system of abuse against her citizenry by Kim Jung Un, but the same could be said for China’s treatment of her people.

Is it appropriate to throw gasoline on the North Korean fire? The best course of action would be to make Kim Jung Un’s worse nightmare come true, and take him out. However, there seems to be a consensus among the loyal Trumper’s that we need blood, big blood. Everything has to be big and yuge and dynamic—like Cinderella’s dress or the Flying Walenda’s. Toss in a few big words—bogarted from Harry Truman—a bit of flashy circus act, and we have a recipe for defeating Little Kim, right? NO!

What we have are two stark raving lunatics playing games with big boy weapons and those determined to fall in-line behind Trump and his boast and threats, don’t seem to realize how quickly this mess could turn into WWIII. With nuclear warheads, we get hit. We will no longer be the nation rescuing smaller countries. We will be the largest target on the planet and likely the one that no other country will stand by.

Cut-off the head of the snake if you must, but leave the nukes neatly stored. No one will ever win a nuclear war. While Trump wants to use up what we have so he can make more money, he is risking all our lives—every one of us, right down to those over-taxed great-grandchildren. You want blood? Well that’s whose blood you’re risking.

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