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Thursday, November 6, 2014

GOP Please Oust Mitch McConnell as Leader of the Senate

Contrary to the liberal spin that the people elected a majority senate and house and that was a signal for the two parties to work together, that is just that “spin.” If the people were not fed up with this country sliding down the shitter faster than a greased pig through a meat grinder, we would have elected to give both parties equal power. The message was “Override this push to fascism and stop playing PET PONY TO A DICTATOR!” Sorry for yelling, but they still seem to miss the message.

The first thing the newly-elected Republican senate needs to do, is to oust Mitch McConnell. He won his primary by utilizing Democrat voters and now owes a debt to the Demonic party. We don’t need him playing footsy with the dictator. While repealing Obamacare (the ACA) is a must, it is still improbable with Obama having the power of veto. Try removing the individual mandate, and dismantling the job killing health-less care bill. Take it apart and defund it a step at a time.

While they are still touting the ACA as a winning solution for the health care mess they’ve created, more than half of those who signed up in 2013 have no intentions of renewing their plans. That means that the Democrats have ruined businesses, ruined people’s health and health care insurance, to insure a measly 3-million most of whom went on the Medicaid rolls. In the interim, 34-million more people have lost the insurance they carried for years. That is not a win-win, but a mess made solely for the purpose of the government’s greedy pockets. “Control a person’s health, you control their life”—not my quaote, but someone who knew what they were talking about.

While the Republicans are defunding and dismantling the monstrous healthcare disaster, attempt to un-table the 150-someodd jobs bills that were passed in the house and have lain untouched by the Democratic-led senate. Harry might be all for working with Republicans now, but he did his best to make bi-partisanship the everyday working order of the senate and probably holds the record for tabling the most bills.

Get Mitch—the turncoat RINO—out of the number 1 seat and put him in a place where he can do no harm, while the rest of you try to undo as much damage as possible before the Democrats attempt to saddle us with another liberal hack president.

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  1. This piece was spot on. The ACA must be dismantled. Leave income redistribution to the French.! (Mitch will likely stay...