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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Move On: Don't make waves

“Move On” is what they’re saying. We hear it from liberals, who knew the vote was rigged, and from young conservatives, who don’t realize that the broken system they think they have to fix started with those who thought we should just “Move On.” There were some suspicions in 2008, 2004, and 2000 that the vote had been rigged. Even though the Democrats accused George W. of cheating, there’s a high probability that there are not as many fools in this country as the numbers who voted for both Gore and Kerry would indicate. The Democrats have been using dead people for votes as long as I can remember.

We’ve known they were doing it and we knew they were gaming the system but the GOP doesn’t have anyone that wants to make waves, other than Allen West, and they want him gone too. The point is that “moving on” has allowed them to cheat for far too many years. We need to stop “moving on” and look at all the states who fought against Voter ID and the fact that they seem to have had more votes counted than they had people to cast them. When numbers don’t add up, there is something amiss. Math is one of the few things that never changes. Two plus two will always add up to four, unless you’re a Democrat.

There are other numbers just as disturbing as the votes tallied. The number of young people in the United States who do not know we won our independence from Great Britain and King George III. Seventy-five percent of young people between the ages of 15 and 25 do not know this, but they can tell you bullying is wrong, and being gay is alright. They also celebrate Obama winning by shouting “Che, Che, Che” on college campuses and across the nation. Disturbing to say the least, isn’t it?

Neither Ron Paul nor Gary Johnson carried even a tenth of the vote in any “one” state. That’s a disturbing number. The number of men, whom we’ve allowed the mainstream media to malign and slander, so they would be forced to quit the GOP nomination process, is disturbing. Where are all the lawsuits that should have come about as a result of Herman Cain harassing women and having a long-term affair if there was any truth to the accusations? There are none because accusations weigh heavier than facts in today’s society. If there have been multiple cases of “racism,” Mr. Cain is the example. He was a black man, so naturally he was guilty…huh? I’m sorry, but do the names Weiner, Clinton, etc. not ring a bell. They’re all white and have been guilty, but their accusers went on to pursue legal action against them. Extra-marital affairs have no color, but they sure create a lot of news with our media performing as the largest National Inquirer, and political money backing them to slander good men.

We cannot afford to look the other way with the amount of voter fraud, voter manipulation, and voter intimidation that was this elections star of the show, and went unreported by mainstream media outlets. The only way to mend the system is to start with fraud, no matter how small or large, and let our government know we’re tired of the “same ole same ole.” It stops with us, because if we are lucky enough to have an election in 2014, we should want to know that our vote counts. And, if we want decent men to represent us at every-level of government, we need to stop listening to National Inquirer-style news, and start listening to our hearts and our beliefs. Mr. Cain was/is a decent man and he didn’t get a chance because we bailed too quickly.

This should, also, apply to General Patraeus. There is another cover-up in the works and the White House knows that the MSM loves sex scandals and will report those to the detriment of our nation. If there is a woman who comes forward, there’s a fifty-fifty chance that Patraeus will be seeing her for the first time too. Obama and thugs are already arranging to dump their murder on the general. He had a stellar career in the military and knew what he had to do to avoid aiding in the cover up. The fact that he is no longer being forced to testify indicates he would not lie to cover their deceit. Is this, all of this (voter fraud, lack luster candidates, and lying and killing) how we want our nation to operate?

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