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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This isn’t a Monty Python Skit: The real danger in Obama remaining in office

So, if this were a Monty Python skit, it would be funny, but it’s not. My husband and I are foregoing DirecTV and cutting back everywhere we can, including health insurance, because we live in a nation where making those who can’t pay for those who won’t, is the norm. The first of the year, our health insurance will be gone and we will pay the $1800-and change, instead. No, health insurance but thank God we can pay for illegals and welfare recipients to have health insurance. This month, after some talking, our DirecTV is gone, but thank God we can pay for others to sit home, all day and not work, and have television and entertainment. We’re looking at ways we can cut our grocery bills, but thank God, we can insure that food stamp recipients can have steak and potatoes—or drugs.

As I said, “If this were a Monty Python skit it would be funny.” Funnier still, we won’t be in the market to buy movies or attend the cinema. Sorry, you Hollywooden Heads will have to learn to tighten your belts. If Angelina or Jen cannot afford that little nip and tuck, sorry. But you guys backed a losing horse. If you’re limited on how many vacations you can take, so sorry. You guys wanted the “man of the people” just like your ideological leader Carl Marx. Sorry, you guys will just have to learn to live like the rest of us. If you think I’m joking, just wait. Only welfare recipients will have the time or money to go to the movies or buy a movie, shortly. Guess who pays for those welfare checks? Now, guess again.

The middle-class income is worth a whopping $3-trillion over the next ten years, as opposed to the $700-billion the welfare class voted to “soak.” We are the backbone of this nation, and we are going down faster than the Titanic. Guess you Hollywooden Heads and Obama-Welfare supporters will have to do with what’s left, and it won’t be pretty. Oh, just food for thought, 1-million people—that’s right working class Americans paying taxes—were laid off since November 7th, 2012. Start counting and if you cannot get passed ten, we’ll help you!!

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  1. Problem is, he does have 4 more to do pretty much what he wants. (Lots of "Exectutive Orders" I suspect.. grrrr.