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Friday, April 4, 2014

Congress is Over-Paid

Jim Moran believes that as CEO’s of America, congress should get a pay raise. That statement shows just exactly how ridiculously out of touch the government representatives have become and why we are in the mess we’re in.

Mr. Moran, if you were CEO’s, the whole of congress would have been let go for failure to perform the duties assigned you by the Constitution. Sir, you are indeed not CEO’s but the people’s representatives and servants. In the last 5 years the American government has taken a nation that once prospered and turned it into a shite hole and you honestly believe that you deserve a raise?

We tell you that we want a job friendly environment and you give us a health care law that is not only costing Americans jobs, but costing those who work hard, their insurance. We demand you quit spending, and you raise the debt ceiling. We demand you enforce the immigration laws, and you want to give amnesty instead. In fact, Paul Ryan has told the people who pay his salary that he and the rest of the criminals collecting a paycheck under the guise of citizen representatives have decided to dump the illegals on our backs as dependents. No, he didn’t use those exact words but that is what amnesty and immigration reform translates into.

In the real world, where unicorns don’t fly and pig’s ears cannot be made into silk purses, employees who do not fulfill their boss’s wish are fired and most without severance of any nature. Is there some part of “People’s Servant” that the whole lot of you do not understand?

You swore an oath to the Constitution and now have used the document for toilet paper in the restrooms of Capitol Hill. Well, you didn’t flush the shite down the drain. There are still 535 of you sitting on the Hill stinking up our country. Raise, no. Fire, yes!

You should all be grateful that there are some people in this nation still asleep believing that our government actually cares about them and their needs, or all 535 of you and the two bozos representing the Executive Branch would have been arrested and tried for treason. Congress is over-paid.

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