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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Do People Realize That Things Have Gotten Real

It’s hard to know who starts crap over airbrushing jeans photos, but really is that important. Really curious why Beyonce thinks that “Bossy” should be banned? We cannot have an intelligent conversation, anymore due to all the words that have been labeled sexist or racist. You can no longer have an opinion unless it follows along the lines of the liberal agenda, or you’re a racist. When was the last time you talk to a white person—excluding liberals—who didn’t joke that they were a cracka? You know why that happens? It happens because it’s not the word that is racist, it’s the on-us that matters. Words have meaning, yes. Words also have no meaning to the person that says them until you put the word in your context.

It is passed time that people grow up and get over themselves. We are on the verge of a world war if the hot-headed, childish leader doesn’t stop his vengeful push to make Russia stay out of Crimea. A man like Putin does not take orders from a man who has danced across the Middle-East waging war at his own discretion without the benefit of congressional approval. Putin will not take orders, period. He is the leader of Russia and as such has the same powers allotted Obama or any other government head. Obama decided that he knew what was best for Egypt and sent millions in tax dollars to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power. In the process of making life better for the people, he ousted a man who led a peaceful Egypt for 30-years. In case no one has noticed, Egypt is done trusting or allying itself with the United States, and the World Court has an order for Obama to stand trial for crimes against humanity. Obama went into Libya because he felt he knew what was best for the Libyan people. He gave arms to our enemy, Al Qaeda, knowing who they were and what they had done to us. For those who have used common sense, there is no doubt that Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama just as knowingly left four men to die. Not all four were targets, but their deaths were necessary due to their valiant efforts to save Ambassador Stevens. Libya and Egypt are both a royal mess thanks to Obama’s meddling in other country’s political affairs. He attempted to go to Syria knowing full-well that the WMD’s doing the harm likely had the good ole US of A’s stamp on their casings.

Obama has gone out of his way without much push-back to put those in leadership positions who would destroy us and our country, and now people believe he wants to do the right thing because Russia is on the other side of the pink-is line? According to the media, Russia is incapable of having a fair and unbiased election. Right and it was a Democrat—Debbie Wasserman Schultz—who stated that there was no point to an election if they—meaning the DNC—couldn’t cheat.

 Obama, whose long-suit it has been to give illegals amnesty, and denies the need for voter ID, and gave $40-billion, or was it million, to insure that one South African country would have voter ID for everyone (we’re no longer associated with them either). He stated that without it, there was no way of insuring an open and honest election. Come on people, the dead vote in our elections. The same people, who voted straight-line Republican all their lives, turn up on the DNC’s voter rolls. Many have been dead more than a half century. And don’t go with “Well, the Russians had guns at the polls”, one because we don’t know that that is the case and two because we had the NBPP at the poles threatening people.

Our media is as corrupt as the media of Germany in 1939 under Goebbels, Funk, and Hitler. They say exactly what they’re told or anything they can make up to protect “Dear Leader.”

 We don’t know what is going on in Russia. The majority voted to be annexed and there were plenty of celebratory individuals, but we need to tell them and every other country who should rule them? How has our record been, so far, under the Obama administration? Not so good and getting worse while we’re paying out billions we don’t have, to make nice with people who hate us. Mostly because we’ve stuck our noses where they didn’t belong time and again.

 But let’s all get our panties in an wad because Old Navy is airbrushing photos to, they say, make women feel bad because the ideology developed is that we cannot attain those particular measurements. Probably not while we’re sitting in front of the television hanging on every word the media will give us about something more important than our lives and livelihood. If we do not stop allowing the media to lead the conversation, we will all be rail-thin and starving to death. Yes, it has gotten real out there. (Note to self, real will probably be the next word labeled racist or sexist)

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