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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Quit Giving Obama a Pass

After reading several articles today, most of which were pushed ahead of actual news, I then watched Bill O'Reilly giving Obama another pass. Enough already. The rest of us--the people of this nation--are bound by the laws sat forward by our Constitution and added to by the men who call themselves our representative. These are the laws of the United States meant to govern every man, woman, and child to the poorest of the poor and highest office in the land, and with a smirk Obama simply does as he pleases.

Marie Harf suggested that we the people were too stupid to understand her nuanced speech on ISIS where-in she said that these young men would not be so violent if they had jobs and could better their lot in life. Nuanced, no. Code words for Obama's favorite cure for any ill, money. Let's throw money at ISIS and train them to be responsible, non-violent juvenile delinquents. What Harf and Obama failed to mention is that many of the terrorist's leaders are Ivy League graduates whose families are well-off (the 1%).

Friday, February 20th, Jeh Johnson's department offered it's report on the most dangerous people in the United States. These weren't the Muslims training in camps all over this nation, whose intentions are to attack According to Jeh, it's the right-wing extremist that we should most fear. These, he says, are people intent upon killing police, retaliating against government intrusion, etc. In other words, you John-Q Public through any dissension, are the worst of the worst.

Today with 40-thousand American jobs on the line, Obama vetoed the Keystone Pipeline. After 7 years and three reports to determine that the pipeline poses no threat to the environment--because over 40 years of proof from the Alaskan Pipeline weren't enough. He has made his decision. His best choice is to deny employment to American oil workers, just as he is denying employment to coal workers, and many others. He's too busy pushing his low-skill illegals, but potential Democrat voters on to the American taxpayer's back

And tonight, after hearing Obama preach from his bully pulpit about religious tolerance, there was a piece in the news about denying Christians the right together and pray together. Long story short, Islam can pray in the streets of NYC, but Christians cannot pray in back rooms of coffee houses in Florida.

While our media commits a crime by referring to their reportage as news, Obama has started a war against Christianity and no one, not one, not Bill O'Reilly or any other talking head wants to put real news in the news, and tell the truth. Let's bash Rudy Guilliani, Scott Walker, and God knows who else, but no one say anything mean to Obama or--God forbid--tell the truth about what is going on in our nation.

Tomorrow, if the Democrats have their way, people like me will have to watch what we say or the government will remove our right to the internet. Net Neutrality is code word for Government Takeover and Control of the internet. Anything they can regulate, they can tax and control.

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