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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Congressional Cop-Out or Corruption: What is Next

All the talking heads, law professors, and even Obama—himself—said that there was no authority for “the president” to act alone on immigration, and yet as of today the House has passed the bill creating funds for an illegal immigration EO. Ted Cruz said that the GOP had planned to give Obama the money, all along. Of that, there can be no doubt.

The underlying problem is much more dangerous and can have consequences to all our lives. Not only will the illegal amnesty create a deficit of $369-billion per year, but it will also keep wages lower for many years to come. While this will not affect Joe Big-Diamonds whose company is riding high off of cheap labor, it will affect every man, woman, and teen working in this country. Under Obama wages have been stagnant for 6-years. Unemployment numbers have been juggled to reflect a false perception of jobs lost and the jobs gained—stated to be 500-thousand a month to recoup the loses since 2008—and have been a maximum of 300-thousand. Then we learned last month that most were jobs to immigrants and illegals.

However, that aside, the bigger problem is the damage done to our Constitution when the man residing in the oval office decides that no laws apply to him and that he will not follow procedure. Obama has essentially declared himself a dictator and congress no longer relevant. Check your Constitution. That is an impeachable offense, but does our congress and more appropriately John Beohner start the process? No, he gives in like the good lap puppy he has become famous for…he merely trots along, head down, chin in his belly.

We have a very serious situation developing while the media harps on and on about dividing families. They don’t bother to mention that these same families would not be divided had the members not decided to cross our border illegally. In fact, it is well-known that many cross the border to have their babies become citizens so that they have established ties to this country through their spawn and can now milk the American taxpayer of all the benefits available. And to that, the Democrats intend to turn them into their new voter base.

They have to, because after years of Roe v Wade decimating the black community, the Democrats are watching their future sucked from the womb of their female constituents. The Democrats started out with Margaret Sanger’s ideology of extermination and realized too late that they were also limiting and exterminating a willing Democrat voter population. Furthering the damage were those in the black community who woke up to what was being done and decided it was time to stop the march toward self and community annihilation. Of course, I will be labeled a racist for having stated a fact, because the liberals hate truth.

The white supremacists of the Democrat Party have become overly angry and totally intolerant of those they perceive as selling out to the “white man.” Many of the black conservatives have lost friends, family, and have been slander by the party that swore they had “their best interest” at heart. In the 2012 elections, only 87% of blacks voted for Obama, and the long-held ideology by the white liberal was proven wrong.

The Democrats have new victims in their grasp now and will assume that the illegals they give amnesty will cherish their charity and devotion to their cause. Because, it is after all, love that they are spreading to the illegals, just as they loved the black community. Unfortunately, the party of Abraham Lincoln has been high-jacked by corrupt politicians with only one purpose in mind, to maintain their seats in congress and to achieve the eventual goal of all who enter the halls of Congress; to become President of the United States. Yes, they too now believe that the illegals will become their voter base, although it seems highly unlikely as Mexico is more or less a socialist country bordering on communism. How often do those raised in such society reject the ideology?

What will eventually happen is that the Democrats will alienate the black community through their expectations that no black man or woman will ever vote for a Republican, and by taking their votes and their lives for granted. Many of those who voted for Obama are now questioning their votes, because he has placed them and their needs behind the illegal aliens. While the Democrats came from the south, originally, they have moved on to greener pastures and left behind a legacy that is false in perception. Racism is not a southern problem, but a party problem. The majority of southerners come from every race and ethnicity the world has to offer and we have one common trait. We work for a living and none of us, regardless of color or ethnicity, cares to have our hard-earned incomes taken “because it’s the right thing to do” as Obama recently said.

More importantly than having our wages confiscated, is the need to be free from big government. We don’t need the government. The government needs us. We have the money and they need to take it to keep their fat backsides from actually having to ever do a day’s labor. Each of the two parties is vying for the illegal’s vote. Each is throwing the American citizen under the bus for their own prosperity and future. So ask yourself, are the Republicans copping-out, or are they simply corrupt? Don’t bother with Independents. They sold out long ago.

What everyone needs to ask themselves is what happens once our Constitution has been stomped on and labeled null and void? What happens when Obama decides he doesn’t want to leave the White House in 2016? After all, the only document that can make him leave is the document he has been wiping his proverbial backside on for the last 6-years.

What happens?

Cop-out or corrupted, our government no longer serves us.

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