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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Clinton Survived 11 Hours of Interrogations: Four men died in Benghazi

The media is rife with reports of Clinton’s victory against scurrilous Republicans who sought to stop her campaign for the Democratic presidential candidacy. They have openly bragged that she “Beat them!” Glory hallelujah, she is a winner.

Many in the private sector know that once again, Clinton got away with a crime. The media can pat her on the back, but four men died in Benghazi and no explanation has been given to their families. Her comrades asked no questions of Hillary because the Democrats on the Benghazi investigative committee were not investigating anything. The Democrats utilized their time drumming up funds for Clinton’s campaign. Instead of doing their duty, they used taxpayer funds to run a Democrat Campaign Event.

There were new discoveries made. The Democrats, as usual, knew that their constituency would not watch the proceedings. The Democrats count on their constituents to pass along the Matrix Words of the Day. One such discovery were the 600 emails to Clinton for more security, she claimed she did not receive even one. However, her emails and conversations with Blumenthal were prolific. He was conducting, or attempting to conduct business in Libya, which naturally was more important to the Secretary of State than some ole emails about securing an embassy—although it was a temporary consulate and not an embassy. In fact, Clinton took great fun at many of the questions during the proceedings as she felt it was not her job to secure anything. These are just a few facts.

Now, with all that has been said, the Matrix has returned to the George W. Bush did this and that with mentions of embassy bombings. The liberals, in their innocent state of stupidity, fail to realize that there was no request for immediate security or troop support involved in those bombings. They have even used 9/11 as an example, stating that George W. Bush knew attacks were imminent and took no precautions. True, everyone knew attacks were imminent but no one knew where or how. It is not like there are 50 states and several large cities where they might choose to attack the United States…oh wait, but there are and that might change what happened. Nevertheless, it matters little in the mind of a liberal. Those are just inconvenient truths.

Hillary told the victim’s family that the attacks were the result of an internet video and that they should not blame the Libyans because they were such put-upon people. She lied to their faces, and although Chelsea Clinton had no clearance, Hillary emailed her while the men were still under siege to tell her that the attacks were, “Al Qaeda linked”. Those are the same Al Qaeda fighters that she and Barack Obama armed in Libya. There is no supposition that the government had no warning. Still, while under oath, she laughed when asked what she did after leaving her office that evening.

What was never asked or answered was who ordered the stand down and why were Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glenn Doherty left to die? No one asked, not even the Republicans who had sworn to find out the truth.

A little side note to all this, is that the hearings have been ongoing for 18 months and had Hillary not stalled, not lied (especially about emails in her possession), and not feigned illness, the hearings  would have been done by now. Yes, McCarthy—Boehner’s right hand man—made a statement to the effect that it was all to stop Hillary’s campaign, but he and his side-kick had every reason to jab at the voters. Beohner was unhappy, because the people got tired of his playing Pony-Boy to Barrack Obama. Vendettas never take 18 months to come to fruition and only morons who vote for free stuff would believe that was the case. Now, the families of the four fallen men will never get their answers and Clinton will have gotten away with another criminal act.

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