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Friday, October 9, 2015

An Angry Nation

There is anger in this nation. Anger against a man who declares, “That’s not who we are…" when he hasn’t the slightest clue who Americas are and what we are capable of doing to survive. A man who declares, “We are not a Christian nation.” When, in fact, we are 65% Christian. Obama does not know who we are, because his formal education was influenced by Islam, during his youth in Indonesia.

He has spoken of visiting 57 states during his tenure as president. There are not 57 states in the United States. He told an outrageous tale about the beginnings of the Statue of Liberty, and he did so because he does not know our history. More recently, he has determined that we are a racist nation that treats minorities and immigrants poorly. His intentions are the only transparent portion of his administration. He has carried through with his campaign promise to fundamentally change America while dividing families and races.

He has gone around Congress and the Supreme Court in many of his efforts to accomplish the change he feels must come to the white men--and or Conservatives--he sees as angry, gun-toting, Bible thumping, enemies of his nation. Make no mistake; the United States we live in today is Obama’s nation. It is not the nation that our fathers and brothers died to build, but a nation of whining leeches (Liberals) looking for a hand-out from those who produce.

Men of all races stood together as the greatest fighting force the world has ever known, and they freed nations so that they could live without oppressive governments. For their efforts, Obama has badly maligned them as an oppressive force bent on pushing their ideology on other nations. Perhaps someday, when Obama is no longer sitting high upon his throne, he will make a phone call to England or France and ask them if the U S was oppressive while helping them to liberate their nations from Hitler. He might stop and think for a moment what the world would look like had Hitler not been stopped. Nevertheless, that is a fantasy, because as Hitler was an evil man, so too is Obama.

Obama craves complete control. He sees himself as the savior of those too addle to know what is good for them. It is necessary, in his mind, to make decisions based on his analysis that will rule other men’s lives. Woe be it to any man, woman, or child who questions Barack Hussein Obama’s judgment, for he is the savior of the poor, the oppressed, and those who are just plain unfit to make sane judgments. In his demented mind, he is the best thing to have ever happened to this nation and he will prove it by any means necessary. Hitler 2.0 has arrived and he will save us all from ourselves. He will take our weapons of defense because surely we don’t need them. All hail the dictator of the United States.

Our Congress, the media, and some of the Supreme Court justices have been willing participants in what can only be described as treason against the people of the United States. If our military had not been depleted of men capable of leading a nation, they surely would have arrested those responsible for openly committing treason. Now, we have leaders who have sworn an oath to Obama to fire upon citizens of this nation, or as Hillary has recently labeled those who believe the Constitution is the law of this land, extremist.  

Our forefathers were extremist when they took up arms to throw off an unusually cruel king. Now, those of us who believe in the principles and values of this nation and defend the Constitution that allots for our God-given rights are extremist. When history records this period of unrest and anger, it will review what was done and how it was accomplished. It is doubtful that Obama’s carefully constructed legacy will stand the test of time.

God help this angry nation survive, because we are still a Christian nation despite the vulgar men who have failed to serve their oath.

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  1. A good read for write a lot of what I think/feel. Excellent.