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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pearls before Swine in a Race Filled with Pigs

So many pigs, so little time until election day.

People continue to complain about the Clinton’s getting away with murder—literally and figuratively—and yet see no problem with a guy who is talking about kissing women…”I don’t wait. I just kiss them.” Trump says he is all talk and no action, whereas, Bill is all action and apparently due to golf course “locker room…boys will boys” talk, Clinton talks too. As a rule, people compare apples to oranges and lose the contest. If you compare Bill Clinton to Donald Trump, you’re comparing two rotten figs. Why figs, because they are one of the most detested fruits on the planet.

Donald Trump lied when he said he was all talk. He has paid to settle a case of harassment and still faces a court date for raping a 13 year old girl, who was too scared to talk. If you’ve read her deposition and then heard the recording, you realize the poop-storm it  has caused for Trump’s defense team once the case goes to court. It’s a wealthy man threatening a young girl and her family, all the while explaining that rich men can do as they please.

Another major miscalculation that Trump made was in bringing out the Clinton victims. Hillary knows how to play the wounded wife better than anyone, and to some degree she has a right. Melania looked non-too-happy at the debates on Monday night. Now she realizes that Donald has been unfaithful to her too. Her statement about her husband’s words and that that wasn’t the man she knew—no matter how ludicrous that sounds—was almost identical to Hillary Clinton’s 1998 statement about her philandering husband.

Most women will fight like a wildcat to defend their husbands. It is for that reason that many states will not allow spouses to give testimony against one another. To put not too-fine a point on it, Bill and Donald could fill a large auditorium with the women they have sexually harassed in their lifetimes. Do their spouses know it? Yes. It’s not true that women don’t know where or what their husbands have been up to, and they’re rarely the last to know—although that is the most overused and totally untrue statement made about infidelity.

Trump having trotted out the Clinton victims for the debate, has fallen in the polls. Millennials tend to take a different view of what happened and they see a misogynists making Hillary’s life miserable. He was, because he was angry about getting caught with his pants down, and it would be an easy guess that the tape didn’t make things too pleasant in the Trump household.

While Hillary may or may not care what Bill does, it’s important to most women that the man they love make them feel beautiful. When a woman finds out what a wandering creep she’s married to, it tends to lower her self-esteem. Hillary is tough, no doubt about it. She is tough, hard, cold, and greedy. She had no problem lying to the parents of the Benghazi 4 to save her own hide. Some marriages are made in Heaven and some are made in political bedrooms with both spouses hungry for power. The Clinton’s was the latter.

The Trump marriage is one of those optional things dependent upon whether Donald gets bored with Melania and finds the next young thing that will have him for his money.

It’s also been embarrassing watching men degrade themselves in favor of propping up Trump. “All men talk like that when women aren’t around” they’re saying. All boys talk like that, while men have better sense and have grown to respect women. That’s just a fact of life. If you’re a man still talking like that, it’s time to grow up.

People are convincing themselves that Trump is a man of his word, when nothing could be further from the truth. Anything that doesn’t serve Trump’s purpose is of no use to him. Just as the women he paraded out and used to cover for his own vile behavior. Bill and Hillary Clinton are self-serving. A little known fact, according to National Geographic, is that the Clinton’s put the White House staff behind by ignoring the clear-out call to leave the nation’s home to its new residents, the Bush family. It’s possible that if they get back in the White House, they never plan to leave…and that’s given that Obama will leave when his time is up???

There are 4 other candidates to choose from, this election cycle. If you’re like many of us, instead of casting your pearls before swine choose one of them. However, it’s not easy to find one that is not just as offensive as Clinton and Trump.

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