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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Trump, the Saud’s, and the Losers

During WWII, while attempting to convince our government that they had our best interest at heart, the Saud’s were helping Hitler wipe out Jews. Researching the name Ibn Saud will tell you exactly where modern day terrorism arose.

This past week, Trump re-armed the Saud’s and by doing so, re-armed terrorists. Although he spouted numerous derogatory remarks toward the Saud’s during the primaries and the general, he never meant any of it. He has been bailed out of debt, more than once, by Saudi’s. As he, himself, brags, he rents to Saud’s here in the states. Translations, Americans come second because Trump’s business interest comes first.

Today, he referred to the terrorist who struck the arena last night, as Loser. He minimized what the terrorist had done by using the same term he used for his competitors during the primary. No, the terrorists do not like to be called Monsters. He intentionally mislabeled them so that he did not offend his good buddies the Saudi’s.

Trump felt it necessary to drag his daughter, son-in-law, and wife on his first foreign relations trip. Wow, what is Ivanka going to do, dress them? If Ivanka were half as smart as she believes herself to be, she would know that she is woefully underqualified for the position her father gifted her. But never let the truth stand in the way of something a Trump wants.

The old argument that Hillary would have been worse is now, null and void. Obamacare is going nowhere. Trump won’t do away with it, because the Kushner family owns Oscar and Oscar would go belly up without Obamacare. The border wall won’t be built during Trump’s term. Social Security is to receive cuts in the new budget. The new budget is to be $1.4 trillion. Congratulations to all the angry people who voted for Trump. You all gave us Hillary Lite. Of course, had you done your research instead of firing lasers out of your eyes, you would have known all this.

The brainwashing that has led to the Two Party System will be the death of this country. There were other viable candidates. Unless and until we realize that voting for one of the two parties in power, is the reason we never see change, we are doomed to be ruled by the Two Parties.

Yea, yea, we all know that getting scammed is embarrassing, but if people don’t wake up to what they’ve done, it’s going to be deadly.

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