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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The ACA/Obamacare

On the 24th day of October,  2013, the National Debt stood at $17,066,320,739,… and rising. The Post Office has borrowed its legal limit at $15-billion. Medicare has an unfunded liability of $25-trillion, and Social Security unfunded liability is $21.4-trillion.

These are all programs whose costs and management fall within the Federal Government’s purview. There is some debate as to who actually runs the Post Office and even more as to where the money is supposed to originate and where it has originated. Congress sat a borrowing cap on the post office of $15-billion through the Federal Reserve.

Medicare’s unfunded liability at $25-trillion is contingent upon the ACA/Obamacare figures. The contingency hinges on reducing physician fees, and those outside the government who actually deal in business where a profit is expected or their jobs are negated, say that contingency is a fallacy of the ACA/Obamacare.

Social Security’s unfunded liability is a direct result of the Johnson administration that began the practice of robbing Peter to Pay for Paul’s unfunded lifestyle. Medicare and Social Security are the two legitimate Entitlement Programs that exist due to taxpayer’s and their employers paying into the programs. These programs have been repeatedly used, as have the farm bills to supplement the Welfare Program.

As of October 1, 2013, the government began yet another program meant—they say—to insure the uninsured. The estimate was, at that time, that 30-million Americans were uninsured for health care. The ACA/Obamacare is slated to cost—depending upon the source—between $700-plus billion and $1.2-trillion over the next ten years.

So far, it has cost between—once again depending upon the source--$329-million to $600-plus million to build the ACA/Obamacare website. That money was unaccounted for in the overall cost of the program.

All of these programs are or were originally managed and implemented under the Federal Government. All employees for these programs are Federal employees and will get benefits and retirements that are—to say the least—unusual in the private sector.

They also have one other thing in common. They are all massively in debt and in the last five years, no budget has been established to control the spending in Washington D.C. The Debt Ceiling—unfortunately is reliant upon a budget being established. Without a budget, without any restraints on spending, and with a congress and executive branch unwilling to do the people’s business, we are headed over a financial cliff at Mach-speed. To even imagine that the same government that has sorely misused and abused taxpayer funds to the point that all government programs are severely in debt can manage your personal health care is unbelievably stupid.

There was a letter circulated this past week by a young woman with two college degrees and a job where she is lucky to make $8 per hour. She went to the Obamacare site and was finally able to view the health insurance offers in her age range. She did not qualify for subsidies and would have to pay $329 per month. Her deductible would be $5-thousand and some doctors, due to the fact that they are harshly aware that the poor notoriously do not pay their bills, have begun to ask for the deductible up-front. Translation, you won’t get an appointment until you have paid the deductible.

The poverty level, in the United States, is set at approximately $22 to $25-thousand. A person making $8 per hour, has a check of $320 per week. Her insurance would cost her more than a week’s pay before taxes. The ACA/Obamacare was meant to help—they said—the poor and uninsured. At $320 a week, before taxes, this young woman has a yearly income of $16,640. Taxes are approximately 7 to 10 percent and social security is another 6 percent. She definitely falls below the poverty line, but is not eligible for help with her insurance, so one has to wonder who the poor are and where the lines are being drawn?

As a nation, we can scarcely afford to pick up the tab for 30-million uninsured and poverty-stricken households and next on the agenda is Amnesty for 11 to 30-million illegal aliens. We the people are allowing a runaway train to collide with destiny and that destiny will enslave our children, grandchildren, and very possibly our great-grandchildren. If you care anything—at all--about your country, you need to wake up and smell the deficit. Remember that votes have consequences and that a fraudulent voting system has brought down many a nation.

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.—Benjamin Franklin

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