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Monday, March 16, 2015

Liberal Hypocrisy
Richard Nixon

In June of 1973, the tapes used to record conversation in the oval office, revealed an 18-minute gap. The speculation was wild when investigators, as well as Democratic Senators and representatives, began to speculate that Nixon had revealed his involvement in the Watergate break-in. Watergate did not cost anyone their lives and there have always been questions as to why Nixon ran such a risk, since he won by a landslide, however, Nixon resigned rather than be impeached.

Fast forward to 2015, and we have a former Secretary of State, who decided that it was up to her which emails would be released and what would be considered the people’s business. This morning, to compound insult to injury, a Democrat talking head said, “The people have heard Hillary’s explanation and have forgiven her.” Seriously, exactly how was that determined? Did they run a poll or two in the HuffPo, WaPo, Salon, Slate, or the Daily Kos to come up with that information?

Just as Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Jesse Jackson, and McGovern have shown about their attempts to negotiate with foreign leaders, it’s different when the GOP writes a letter to simply inform the Iranians about the terms under-which our government works. Now, Hillary has decided she is not guilty of any wrong doing and everyone is supposed to say, “Alrighty then” and walk away.

James Carville has decided that the whole thing is the GOP getting all into Hillary’s business prior to her run for president. None of the talking heads seem to remember that the Benghazi investigation has been pushed and pushed aside again, for the benefit of the Democrats retaining the White House. The Democrats have played fast and loose with people’s lives and now it’s payday.

Simply stated, Watergate did not kill anyone and the Democrats managed to impeach a president. Hillary got 4 men killed (or had them killed) and everyone is supposed to be fine with that. It’s not alright. The families of the 4 men killed deserve to know why their loved ones had to die and what happened that night.

The liberal hypocrisy is oozing through the cracks; while they would have their willing low-info voters believe that 47 Senators committed a crime.

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