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Friday, July 18, 2014

Malaysian Jet Downed--Obama Bans AK-47's Made in Russia

It's imperative that no one question the stories our media puts forth as truth. More to the point, no one questions what our White House inhabitant says happened. So, why is it that a recording between Russian rebels sounds like they thought they had shot down a cargo plane and the media is calling it an act of terrorism? Something smells like rotting fish and it's hard to say exactly which odor even holds a scintilla of truth.

Yesterday, before the airplane had barely hit the ground, the Democrats were blaming Putin and Mother Russia. Most Americans are not fans of Russia and tend to be overly suspicious of anything out of the ordinary, such as planes shot out of the sky, where the country and her leaders are concerned. Putin is ex-KGB meaning he was a portion of the interrogative force under communist rule. Yes, the KGB like our CIA took people off the streets and they were never heard from again...or their bodies were found under suspicious circumstances.

So what? We have a community organizer and vacationing, golfing creep in the White House who spent many a day black-mailing banks into making loans to people for housing they could not afford. That sounds much better, doesn't it? That and his affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, his terrorist-linked half brother, and his communist/fascist idols all add up to one heck of a nice guy, right?

Is it strange, coincidence, or something more sinister that finds us looking at another downed jet just when Obama is up against bad ratings, policies that have led to an invasion on our southern border, and numbers that aren't adding up for Obamacare? Why is it that we have a "look over here" disaster every time things get rough for the POtuS? Why?

OMG, it's a conspiracy nut, right? No, not a nut, but things are smelling like garbage and dribble from the media and sounding like an orchestrated plot to draw attention away from our own problems. "Sources say" that the only place the rebels could have gotten the BUK was from Russia and yet, over the last two years, our military has lost numerous nukes and missiles. Well Howdy Doody, it could never happen that the Ukraine or the rebels might have come across a lost stash of Russian military weaponry. After all, Putin wouldn't have such things happen in his man's army. Maybe not, or maybe all that we see and all that we hear is what our media wants us to see and hear and there's a fair bet that that is all the Russians and Ukranians see and hear from their media.

We don't know what happened, but then again we had over a hundred eye-witnesses that saw a missile strike TWA flight 800 during the Clinton years and our government still contends it never happened. Will we know the truth about Malaysian M17 or Malaysia 370 in our life times? Oh yea, that one is still missing...

What we do know is that with a stroke of his pen, Obama banned all AK-47's made in Russia yesterday. The exceptions are those purchased before the date of exclusion. Nah, couldn't have anything to do with reports of missing jets, blaming Putin and Mother Russia for terrorist activities, or men who are "supposed to be rebels" speaking of downing what they thought was a cargo plane, could it?

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