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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Voting is Unlikely to Change a Thing

Thomas Sowell is a brilliant man, and he’s right that impeaching Obama would only lead to Harry Reid quashing it in the senate. That’s a fact, and we all know it, but doing something, at this point, is better than doing nothing. Here’s the real problem that too many are missing. Beohner and the Ole Guard GOP have no intentions of really doing anything about or with Obama and his criminal administration.

They’re not going to impeach him because he has opened up a can of worms that they, themselves, intend to enjoy when the next GOP POtuS gets in to the oval office. They’ve sat quietly while Obama declared war on Libya without congressional consent, while he wrote an EO essentially accomplishing the Dream Act’s intent, and while he made deals with the Mexican government that lead to the invasion we’re experiencing now, and for good reason. The next GOP POtuS will slide sideways on congress, write EOs, declare war without congressional consent, make appointments without confirmation while congress is in session, take away rights and freedoms, etc., because we are just pawns in the Washington D. C. game of corruption and deception. We no longer have representation in D. C. and if we don’t wake up to that fact now, we will no longer have elections—fraudulent though they may be. Sorry, we’re screwed.

The GOP gave us Romney despite the fact that he was not our choice. They sabotaged the other candidates to get the man they wanted. The DNC does the same to their voting base. They’ve decided on Hillary whether or not the DNC voter wants her. We don’t have a free and open election. We have a well-orchestrated period of money-spending, campaigning, and fraud while the parties in Washington D. C. play with our lives.

The GOP, like the DNC, goes to extremes to keep the “Good Ole Boy” system in-play. They will oust any candidate by hook or crook to keep the party in-line. They went after Allen West because he wouldn’t play ball. They went after Herman Cain for the same reason, and so many more have been ousted to keep the ruling class in-check. Poor men with no wealthy backers have no chance of running an honest election. The GOP and DNC will fight to keep out what they consider riff-raff, so that the wheeling and dealing can continue. Since the advent of electronic voting machines, they have gotten away with fraud and will continue to get away with fraud. Unfortunately, we will see more and more investigations where-in no punishment is ever dealt to Obama and his colleagues, and where millions and billions of taxpayer money is tossed to the wind. 

It’s all one big Dog and Pony show for the benefit of the world. It’s certainly not for the benefit of the American citizen. They have made it quite clear that they could give a rat’s ass what the people want.  

There are no legal elections and primaries have become a joke too. The GOP simply goes to the DNC to keep their old dog in office and the DNC does the same with the GOP. Men such as John McCain, John Beohner, Mitch McConnell, etc., on the right, and people like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, etc., on the left wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of getting re-elected in a straight forward, honest race. They have to cheat because they don’t serve the people—some are not fit to serve breakfast at Mickey Dee’s—they serve themselves. Time to rethink elections and find ways to keep the Good Ole Boys from cheating their way back into a job they haven’t done in decades.

And please, no one even mention the Libertarians. They are every bit as bad and every bit as two-faced. The only way anyone stays in D.C. is if they play ball.

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