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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Newly Unemployed Starve While Illegals Get EBT Cards

The average American will wait six months or more for any help from this government for entitlement programs. Many of us know this first hand. Many will die waiting because the government doesn’t care if you starve…you’re no longer paying taxes, too bad.

In yesterday’s news, there was a story of a woman on her lunch break who learned that newly arrived illegals were coming by thebusload to Wal Mart with EBT cards to buy supplies for themselves and their families. Newly arrived illegals? How’s that for your government taking care of you, protecting you, and serving your interest.

Thousands of veterans have died because the VA pushed them to the back of the line and forgot them. Thousands of Americans have died having paid in to social security their whole working life, only to be told to wait six months before they could begin to receive their benefits, but thousands of illegals cross our borders and are pushed to the head of the line for benefits.

Obama and congress should be arrested and charged with treason for failure to protect and defend the United States from invasion, and failure to serve their oaths. It’s that simple.

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