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Monday, July 28, 2014

Social Media is More Accurate than Satellite Imaging

According to this administration, the Soviet rebels are the people responsible for shooting down MH17 and they have proof. Yes, they read it on Twitter, Facebook, and saw YouTube videos about the incident, while others have gone with satellite imaging which tends to indicate that the Ukranian Army fired upon MH17...

It's scary to hear these words coming from the people who are suppose to defend, protect, and guard American lives and interest. Scarier still is that people who notoriously lie to us--the mainstream media--are totally correct in every piece of propaganda pertaining to Russia. We don't believe them until it is news about Putin and Russia?? Does that make sense? NO!!

Somewhere between the Russian propaganda and the U S media is the truth, but believing anything either media says, based on their reportage and with no alternative facts, is just stupid. So far, we've had fake tapes of Russian insurgents speaking about blowing MH17 out of the air, and hurried judgments by the White House inhabitant, which turn out to be information gleaned from social media and youtube, because if you saw it on the internet, it must be true, right?

When the first graders get done playing government, please wake us all up. Until then, believe nothing you hear and even less of what you see, but keep your mind aware that we have an invasion on the southern border that is more likely to kill us than any Russian nuke. This whole dog and pony show is getting old.

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