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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hillary’s Emails v Senate Letter to Iran v Ferguson Officers Shooting

Last night, two officers were shot and wounded in Ferguson during another night of protesting. For 8 months, the town of Ferguson has been under a watchful eye and a portion of a much larger agenda by the Obama administration. In the course of 2 weeks, 3 officers have died and 2 have been wounded in the line of duty, but still Obama and Holder continue to fan the flames of racism with speeches intended to do just that. At what point is enough, enough? How many more good men have to die before Obama and Holder stop what they’re doing?

Today, the Daily Kos published a piece expressing that the 47 senators have committed an illegal act according to the Constitution. They did not have the permission of the government to negotiate with the Iranian government. Point of fact, the 47 senators were not negotiating with the Iranians. They informed the Iranian government that any deal made between Obama and Iran and not ratified by congress, might not be viewed as valid under the next administration. There were no proposals or negotiating in the letter. Are we to believe that the Daily Kos and their adviser assume that Barack Obama is the Government?

Good to know that the liberals assume an equal branch of the government to be just a bunch of men only allowed to do their jobs if they have sought Barack Obama’s permission.

Meanwhile, Clinton who stated that she did not carry on any government business with her private email account/server. However, she also stated that she had only the one email account. She did not sign an out-going statement that she had handed over all papers and information pertaining to her time as Secretary of State, to the government when she left the office.

She also has said that Bill Clinton set up the server for his personal use; however, he has said that over the years, he’s only sent two emails. A timeline on that information shows that Bill didn’t set up the server. So, okay?

Yesterday, those who know the Clinton’s have said that Bill blames Barack Obama for the leaked information and claims it is a plot by him to stop Hillary’s dreams of the White House. Although it’s amusing to watch liberals eat their own, it doesn’t help information become more available.

Another point to note, the liberals do not care if a thing is a lie. They don’t care that Democrats—John Kerry, McGovern, and Jesse Jackson—have taken it upon themselves to negotiate with foreign governments under Republican administrations. They don’t care that Hillary put herself and government officials from other nations at risk by using a personal email. They don’t care that racial speeches given by Barack Obama and Eric Holder are getting good men killed. They just don’t care, because the bigger picture—complete control—is all that matters to them. 

Which of these stories deserves more air time? What matters most, and how many more scandals and deaths before the nation, as a whole, collapses in on itself? 

Those of us, who pray, are offering prayers for the families of the slain police officers, and asking God to end this stupidity.

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