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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Uncle Penus and His Touchy-Feely Photo-Ops

Credit: Unobserved News

While the world asks, “Have the Americans become morally-unhinged…” many in this nation are wondering how many more photo-ops we will see with Joe Biden feeling-up some other politician or their wives. There is a photo-collage of Joe skittering around the internet with his numerous victims being handled by a man who would be president were anything to happen to Obama. It’s embarrassing to realize that there have been so many occasions when he could not resist his perversions in public.

“Uncle Penus Strikes Again” would be the headline if the mainstream media were to see a Republican in situations where the women looked dazed and confusion and the politician appeared to be a lascivious predator. “He must be removed…”  notes the NBC anchor as he airs the story of the predatory Republican on the 6 p.m. news. But good ole Uncle Penus—yes, it’s misspelled on purpose—just keeps touching and feeling and kissing women who are not his wife, and some are women whom he has never been introduced to properly. Properly, only God knows what that means in liberal circles.

Despite Obama’s track record as the most out-of-control POtuS of modern times, the thought of Uncle Penus replacing him is somewhat daunting, embarrassing, and a plethora of words that can be found under the X-rated section of Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary. We either have the traitor or the predator, and then there is the possible line of succession with Beohner in as number 3 to take control. That, in itself, is frightening. Is Uncle Penus a better choice for a nation whose moral backbone has been broken?

Many conservatives hear the old line about “respecting the president, vice president, and speaker of the house” and yet respect is earned and none of our government officials has done much in the way of garnering the payoff. Obama lies and lies, and then lies about the lie, while Uncle Penus is either sticking his foot in his mouth, or touching a woman in the most inappropriate fashion. Beohner cries at the drop of a hat, and Pelosi’s attempt to slander others while under the influence of stupidity have become epic. Respecting one’s representative government went out with the horse and carriage, and made a rare appearance in the Reagan years…but not within both parties.

It would be easier to explain that not all Americans are morally-bankrupt if we had a government representative of the tenants on which this nation was founded. However, getting good and moral men and women to run for government offices has become far-more difficult with a media so-willing to prop-up lies with exaggerated tales. Scott Walker shamelessly has women to attractive to be his spokespersons.

Yes, our media did put that out there as a legitimate reason to believe Scott Walker was underqualified and perhaps an indecent candidate for president. That was after the “Oh my God” he doesn’t have an Ivy League degree debacle. Ted Cruz, the Cruz Missile, is just too far to the right for the left-wing media and many of the RINOs (Republicans in name only) he serves with in the Senate. One must remember that a black man running as a Republican possible, was lambasted, accused, and made to leave the race due to numerous women represented by Gloria Allred—yes the same woman who is after Bill Cosby now—in 2012’s run-up to the presidential race. Never mind that the women, Allred, and the stories were discontinued as soon as Mr. Cain exited the race. Shear proof that it doesn’t have to be true, it just has to be effective.

Among those to face public condemnation, this week, was Prime Minister Netanyahu. How dare he tell the truth about any possible deal with the Iranians that Obama might be considering. Our media will go after good men for weeks at a time, but dismiss those like Uncle Penus who truly should be removed from office.

The answer to “Are Americans morally unhinged” lies in the day-to-day lives of the average American. We’re not like Uncle Penus and his touchy-feely photo-ops, nor are we like Obama and his lies upon lies, and his deals with devils. We don’t cry easily and make a fool of ourselves and most don’t practice the fine art of getting snocker-ed off our rocker and giving inane and immensely stupid answers or quotes to the media about the other party and their heinous acts to keep a dictator from making a deal with the Iranians allowing them to develop the ability to wipe Israel off the map. We are not, despite the world’s perspective, morally unhinged. However, given the first foot forward appearance of our non-leadership government, it would appear that we’re lost.

Hopefully, even with what is becoming a Constitutional Crisis, we will rid ourselves of the tinge of immorality that has overtaken our nation under a liberal government.

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