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Friday, March 6, 2015

The Private Email Story: Yet another dog and pony show

What Difference Does it Make?

There’s no point in discussing whether or not Hillary Clinton will do time for a federal crime. That’s like pee-ing in the wind and hoping nothing gets on you, and it’s not relevant. This is a well-orchestrated fantasy tale manufactured by the spin-machine.

We went through 2 years of Lois Lerner’s lost emails. Her computer, so she said, “Crashed”. To wit, who cares? Anyone who has ever used emails knows that a computer crash won’t wipe out your emails. They’re kept on a server. A server can pull up anyone’s emails, at any time. If the committee wants to see Clinton’s personal emails, then subpoena the server. It’s just that simple.

However, the emails they’re looking for did go through a government email-server. The Clinton’s have made a living off a sure bet that they would never do time for any crimes they have committed. They are Democrat royalty and are as Teflon as Obama. Were the emails the investigative committee needs, to surface, Barack Obama would get drug down the toilet with Clinton and that just won’t do. Clinton—living in a delusional land of lunacy—believes she will be the first female president.

Barack—living in a well-constructed media bubble of protection—is not about to be found out, and he’s not looking to leave the White House anytime soon.

Quit looking over there. The truth is out there. Not in some X-Files Bluebook, but in the government server where all things corrupt and criminal get lost. The Clinton team in-concert with the media and Dear Leader are playing everyone for saps. Of course it’s not that hard since the Republicans would rather be saps than standup guys.

I believe that Trey Gowdy is trying to get to the truth, but in the United States that’s like looking for a needle in a haystack wearing plungers on both hands. Truth does not always will-out, and John Stewart—the commie comic—has jump-started the Matrix feed with jokes about the private emails. The loyal Gruber voting base doesn’t care that Hillary and Barack killed good men to cover up one more scandal--it's not like it's Hillary's first kill. All they care about is feeding at the trough of freebies!

Benghazi is this generations JFK Assassination. We will all die before the truth is found. Hopefully, that will be a death from natural causes.

Welcome to the latest dog and pony show from an administration that counts on the real story never seeing the light of day, much less a court room.

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