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Friday, June 20, 2014

It’s All About What is Heard and Not Reality

The media knows that the charges against Scott Walker were unfounded, but they printed headlines yesterday to indicate that he was caught up in a major political scandal, anyway. The facts are that there were illegal doings during the recall and the Liberals were the guilty parties. Many of the Democrats headed out of state to hold up the voting process. It’s a clear violation, but the media was hard-pressed to report and then they sided with the absentee congresspersons. 

There are many in the media who are complicit in the propaganda being served up under the guise of local and national news, and their actions are heinous to the point of becoming treasonous. Just as Hitler’s propaganda machine helped to take Germany down into the depths of Hell, so too does our media lie and produce stories that are half-truths and outright lies, and they do so willingly, in most cases.

Some, as we know, have been threatened. Others have had their emails and phones placed under surveillance, illegally. Yes, illegally. The Patriot Act does not allow for indiscriminant surveillance and has been used multiple—in fact, against millions of innocent Americans—times for suppression and intentional scare tactics to silence opposition or speech protected under the first amendment. This administration is far-guiltier than the Nixon administration and yet, nothing is done about it to protect this nation’s citizens.

Scott Walker is just another man whose name appears on the Hit List Obama holds close to his chest. These people have done nothing other than to act in honest concert to give the American people the rights that the Constitution set forth. They are Enemies of the State in Obama and Democrat’s eyes and must be punished for not falling into lock-step with the Fascist government they have planned.

There was some scuttle-butt this week indicating that Obama was tired of being president. Well, it would suit most of us just fine if he quit, but that’s not really what is meant. He is tired of carrying the title of President of the United States when dictator would be more to his liking. Hillary and Bill have gone on the defensive, because they fear he might actually grasp the golden ring before they have their chance to take it. This country is under siege from Mexico, terrorist groups across the Middle-East who have infiltrators already in position in most of our states, however, the worst threat to our nation exist in the person of Barack Hussein Obama. He is our worst enemy and he possesses the ability to take us into the Hell that Germany once faced under Hitler.

The media’s job is to report the news. Our media, under the guidance of the Democrats, has become a massive propaganda machine. They know Scott Walker isn’t guilty, but they also know that once the question is out there, he will have to defend himself. It’s not about truth or reality, it’s about what they can make Americans hear and believe. And they will do whatever it takes to aid Obama and his comrades in their agenda.

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