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Monday, June 30, 2014

Our Government is Broken

Our government is broken, but not for the reasons so many seem to think. It’s not because they won’t or can’t work together, it’s because they won’t (there is no can’t) work for the people. Too many people are tired of hearing this one or that one say that the Democrats and the Republicans won’t work together. Quite to the contrary, they’re working together and they’re working against the people who pay their overly-high salaries. In fact, when it comes to their pay that is one point they never have any disagreement about and it’s because they can give themselves a raise whenever they want, and whether or not it’s merited.

Immigration reform is not in the best interest of the American people. We have millions out of work and the last thing we need are millions more who will come here and soak up what is left of the middle-class man’s paycheck. No, the wealthy don’t pay any more than the middle-class for welfare…it doesn’t work that way. And that is the second way, in which, this government works together and against the taxpayer. They want to legalize more cheap, unskilled labor. They want a socialist society, because contrary to the liberal professors there are only the elites—the government who no longer have an obligation to the people—and the poor. The middle-class will become the working poor, working to supply the elites with their lush lifestyles and working to pay for those who never had any intention of working, in the first place.

Sure, we’ve all heard how socialism works. Everybody gets an equal piece of the pie, right? Wrong! Stupidity is the only excuse for believing that would ever happen and stupidity will continue to plague this country as long as those lying on their backsides continue to expect something for nothing while the other guy—paying for their something—is working his butt off. Unless the lying-backsides inherit the working man’s work ethic, they’re still not equal.

The wealthy in this country are not the problem. They’re too busy working to make money to care or bother about the guy whose only existence depends upon handouts. Sadly, the wealthy care a great deal more than the government that is working to take everything not nailed down while promising to make the poor more comfortable. How is it that after 5-decades the poor are still not satisfied with what they’re getting when politicians have taken more and more from taxpayers? How is that? Or are the poor too stupid to know that the taxes that have increased have only netted them minor improvements in their lifestyle. You’re still poor. You still want more, and you’re still voting for the same politicians who have never given you anything but promises.

Yea, this government is working together. Both Republicans and Democrats, or Democrats and Republicans—whichever—are working together to take more and more from the taxpayer and line their own pockets. Never doubt it.

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