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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

We Learned to Say, “We can’t…”

I remember our dad giving us a harsh dressing-down for using the word “can’t” because the Great Generation didn’t believe there was anything that could not be done if one set their mind to it.

In everything that my generation does, it’s inevitable that the word “can’t” will be used. We have learned to say “can’t” until there is damn little we believe we can do. We “can’t” win in Afghanistan, so let’s go home. We can’t win back our freedoms, so let’s compromise. We can’t take down a government that has become all-consuming, so let’s figure out how to live with it. We can’t stop the government from taxing us to poverty, so we need to tighten our belts, right Michelle Antoinette Obama?

It’s not true that the words “cannot” and “can’t” are the same. We cannot stop a violent world from becoming more violent by giving people whose religion preaches death to the infidel, what we have. But, we can stop them from bringing their attitudes and laws into a nation that does not worship the same demi-gods as they pray to five times a day. We go about the world talking about Democracy, but our nation is not ruled by Democracy. We’re a Republic set up by men who believed that “can” was the most important word in the English language.

A comment by some low-information, mainstream media educated dolt said that “Ben, George, and Thomas, would hate the Tea Party.” It’s impossible to respond to someone so delusional and under-educated that they would even make such a remark. There is no point in replying or attempting a conversation with people who believe socialism and communism are the answers to a world gone mad. Our forefathers fought a war to oust a monarchy which resembled communism in its worst case scenario, but these dolts have no way of understanding such things because they blame all ills on the wealthy of this country.

We have a nation of people blaming the wealthy and wanting them to contribute more. No one seems to know when enough is enough or what tax bracket will be enough to even the playing field, simply because no matter how much the government takes, it will never even the playing field. It’s pretty disappointing to see the wealthy get all the blame since no one has ever been forced to work for one of those “horrible people.” In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We seek employment from those “horrible people.” And those horrible people don’t know the meaning of the word “can’t” because they had a vision and set about achieving it without ever uttering the word.

Liberalism and the Nanny State are the very example of people who “CAN’T” (more likely won’t) provide themselves a life without taking from everyone around them. Yes, we learned to say the word “can’t” and we cannot achieve damn thing as long it guides our lives and our country.

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