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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Emails are Held on a Server Not a Computer

A few years back, my computer blew its brains out. Yes, the CPU bit the dust and I had to replace it with a new computer. My son-in-law, not a computer tech, has been able to pull information off that hard drive. In fact, most of the time when a computer crashes, it’s not dead—mine was because it was the CPU.

Here’s the big problem with Lois Lerner’s excuse about the emails. Emails are not held on the computer, they’re held on a server. When I got my new computer, everything was there in my email. Though the computers, in question, are government computers—and I would guess have a fail-safe due to importance—the server holds the emails. In order for those emails to have been lost—which is a physical impossibility—the server would have had to have a catastrophic event. 

The whole story is as bogus as Oboguss, himself. Lerner nor the others have lost their emails, and the whole story is a bad cover up. The techs know it, those lying know it, and the public knows it. Time to fess up Lois.

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