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Monday, June 16, 2014

Back on the Global Climate and Amnesty Train

The least sincere comment that Obama utters is, “I care about the people…” because he cares about one person. Oh yes, he gets kudos for being a great father, but if Malia and Sasha were to come between him and his dreams of power, he would cease to be that “parent.” In the days of sanity when a man had to exhibit some sense of character and moral backbone—not to mention stable mental health—those two young ladies would be snatched from the Obama’s by a government agency. After all, we’re taking children from skinheads and the new Nazis, while the Obama’s live the life of Hitler and Eva Braun.

Obama sees himself as all-powerful and why wouldn’t he? We have a senate and house whose interest are more in-line with their checkbooks than their constituency and that, and mostly that, is why the Eric Cantor’s are losing their seats. Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, signed a deal with the devil and the Democrats to maintain his Washington D. C. life. All that is left for McConnell is to change his letter-representation to “D.”

We're existing in Unicorn Land where Tea Party members are the terrorist and the burn your bra, abort your babies, kill your wife and children if they don’t do as you say, are the good guys. Yes, we’re so backward at the moment that reality can’t get a check and the devil leads the conversation. As you read comments posted across the web, you see those so against reality that they are posting the “FU” to Jesus, cursing God, and attempting to intimidate Christians with similar curses. However, attempting to intimidate a Christian is a lesson in total fail. You cannot intimidate a person whose soul is their priority.

The worst of this nation is showing its ugly backside, while the world looks on wondering if Americans are completely crazy. One man is fined for saying, “horrible” when referring to his newest team mate’s photo of the guy kissing another guy. And why, because that is hate speech, which has taken an opinion of one person and elevated it to a crime. That’s right. The nation that has held in high esteem the first amendment, is now the nation that is fining people for expressing opinions.

Under the Obamation administration, we have gone from moral America to demonic wasteland in just 5-plus years. When Obama said this was not a Christian nation, what he meant was that he intended to see that God died and his Muslim cult took his place. We were a caring Christian nation when he took office and we’ve become a nation of confused, angry, and somewhat violent people…all the while being invaded from the south by another nation’s people. We’re one screwed up mess and all because of white guilt and a generation of young who have no idea what it is not-to expect a handout. The youth in this country thought Obama would be cool, and now they, and possibly they alone, will pay for the biggest mistake of their lives.

Instead of concentrating on the escalating situation in Iraq and the economic disaster this administration has caused, we’re hearing the “One” talk about climate change and executive orders for amnesty. All the while, ISIS leaders are talking about attacking the United States next, and people should be very worried, because those who will do their bidding have been here for several years. Don’t be surprised if you go for a soft drink and get your head cut off as the costs of your purchase.

Ah yes, but let’s not worry about losing our heads. Let’s worry about global climate change—otherwise known as the seasons—and giving an invading army amnesty.

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