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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Impeach, Imprison, or Both

The fact that Obama remains in office despite Fast and Furious, the NSA spying, siding with another nation against a state of the United States (Arizona), Benghazi, and going into Libya without congressional approval, just to name a few, is that the mainstream media has either failed to report the news, or has acted in concert with the White House to deceive the American people. Whew, Hemingway would be proud.

Impeaching Obama is the pipe dream while the reality is that this administration has committed more crimes against this nation than any enemy we have ever faced. Limbaugh has said they will not impeach the first Black *POtuS. Others, including myself believe that as well, but also wonder if there isn’t a consensus of those who realize that that would put the power of the presidency and the welfare of the country into Joe Biden’s hands. There’s a scary thought, however, given Biden’s gift for hoof and mouth disease, he would get himself impeach within a matter of days.

There’s another fact over-looked by the media, as well. Many of my black conservative friends have noted that Obama is not black, or at least no-more black than most white people. His heritage is one-half white, one-sixth black (African-American), and the rest Iranian. None of which will ever come to light because the mainstream media also covers up his heritage. 

His latest acts are not only contrary to the law of this country, but also emboldened the Islamic terrorist in Iraq to believe attacking the United States will net them a much larger share of the power. If there is anything Obama can do to help, rest assured that he will. Those who believe that he shares any of love of this country are fools. 

As of a reading, just this past week, there are those who accuse George W. Bush of causing the Islamic terrorist to enter Iraq. Not so. That is a deceitful lie and they know it. Saddam Hussein played a large role in the coming of age of terrorism and the spawning of Al Qaeda. There are also those, powerful men, who believe that we should just let Iraq fall. Not to worry, Obama has already done so and will continue to take down any legitimate government in the Middle-East. It’s his destiny as a son of Islam. 

Enough already with this crap about Obama not being a Muslim. He is and has been and has stated that should the winds of change come, he will stand with his Muslim Brothers. Don’t be a patsy for the Islamic lying machine. They’re here, they’re emboldened, and they’re a grave threat to the security of this nation, as they own the White House. 

Yes, he should be impeached, tried for crimes of treason against this nation, and imprisoned, but it’s doubtful that there are enough men of conscience left in D. C. to do the job.

*Remove the two lower-case letters and you will get Obama’s true occupation.

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